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Gibson Response to Viral Firebird X Video

Christian Wissmuller • Upfront • July 31, 2019
Gibson has explained that the Firebird X destruction video that caught the attention of many in late July and early August of this year was, “an isolated batch of Firebird X models built in 2009-2011 which were unsalvageable and damaged with unsafe components.”
The viral clip caused many to question why so many seemingly-usable guitars weren’t donated to underpriveledged students or school districts.
“This isolated group of Firebird X models were unable to be donated for any purpose and were destroyed accordingly,” explained Gibson’s statement.
Former Gibson employee BJ Wilkes had an interview with The Guitarologist, explaining that the destruction of the instruments happened after former CEO Henry Juszkiewicz was ousted as the company submitted a plan to exit bankruptcy. “They literally could not sell these guitars and they were on the books,” he said. “Investors were all trying to clean up the mess before the end of the fiscal year.”
Gibson recently announced its re-launch of the Gibson Foundation. Since 2002, the Gibson Foundation has provided thousands of guitars and donations to schools and charities in excess of $30 million. As a starting point, Gibson has committed to giving a guitar-a-day away over the next 1000 days. 100% of donations to the Gibson Foundation go directly towards giving the gift of music, re-affirming Gibson’scommitment to giving back, helping under-served music education programs, empowering music culture and encouraging the creation of music.
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