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Hiwatt United Reunited Worldwide

Christian Wissmuller • MMR GlobalUpfront • January 15, 2020
The historic British Amplifier brand, Hiwatt, and official trademarks for Hiwatt across the world – have been reunited. Managing Director, Darren Atkinson says; “It was a tough go of it to bring it all back together” , “The trademarks for such key markets like the USA and Europe were split between different entities, so that situation had to be rectified before any successful re-launch of this great brand could truly begin”.
Keen on protecting and promoting the rich legacy surrounding the brand, first and foremost is the commitment to continuing its British heritage and manufacturing.“The best thing we have going Day-1 is that we still have a top-notch manufacturing shop in the UK making all the classics just the same as the 70’s with Military Spec components and hand wiring… that’s what we’ll be promoting the 1st half of 2019”.
Along with all the historic hand made models, there are new Custom Shop products. One of the 1st new Hiwatt Custom Shop UK amp in many years is a multi-gain-stage head by famed designer, Mike Fortin. Atkinson reports that “although Fortin is best known for the most brutal heavy metal hi-gain offerings on the planet, this ‘SUPER-HI’ head does all that along with absolutely amazing rock and clean tones as well”.
Where most classic tube amps somehow can be traced back to Leo Fender’s Bassman circuit and Phillips or RCA schematics, Hiwatt is a truly original circuit created by the late great amplifier genius Dave Reeves. It is well known that the high-headroom and broad spectrum of clean sound made Hiwatt the original amps best suited for pedals. “That original DR103 design is the core, that’s what we are building upon” claims Atkinson, “it’s an amazing amp design with endless possibilities, as a clean pedal platform, epic Rock tone or all the way to insane Hi-Gain like the Super-Hi… we are at the beginning of new heyday for Hiwatt!.”
Hiwatt also brings affordable UK designed Chinese made guitar and bass lines to many markets, including the US; for the first time. The Guitar “Crunch” and Bass “Bulldog” lines will be proudly on display at NAMM 2020.
Hiwatt boasts an unparalleled list of highly influential Artists that have used Hiwatt for Studio and Stage over the years including: Roger Waters and David Gilmour of Pink Floyd, Pete Townshend and John Entwistle of the Who, Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, Noel Gallagher of Oasis, The Killers, Jeff Matz of High on Fire and too many more to mention.
Visit the Hiwatt booth at 2020 NAMM in Hall D, Booth 5233, and be a part of Rock and Roll History. Currently seeking national distributors worldwide and dealers and reps in the US.
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