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KORG Acquires High-End Drum Brand SAKAE

Christian Wissmuller • MMR GlobalUpfront • September 3, 2019

Norio Iwasaki

KORG is excited to announce they have acquired the brand of the legendary drum manufacturer, Sakae. Operations will take place in Osaka, designing new models developed by key members of Sakae’s renowned product and design team. Sakae will continue the legacy for which they are famous and are already heading plans for product releases this fall, 2020 and beyond.

“SAKAE OSAKA HERITAGE is proud to open a new chapter in their storied history. We are determined to deliver the highest quality and best sounding drums to players all over the world” says Norio Iwasaki, President of Sakae Osaka Heritage.

Sakae’s notable history includes more than 90 years of beautifully crafted drum kits, including many years of producing high end drums for one of the biggest companies in music. Sakae drums such as the Trilogy, Almighty and Celestial series have become a staple for professional drummers worldwide due to their pristine craftsmanship and high-quality design. Besides kits, Sakae also designed and produced a wide range of world-famous snares, hardware and more.

“Every Sakae finished product is a work of art,” says Jeff Shreiner, Brand Manager for Sakae Osaka Heritage at KORG USA, Inc. “Sakae always have, and will continue to be, wholeheartedly committed to making the highest-quality drums possible. We look forward to this new chapter and continuing the Sakae legacy.”

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