Kyser Celebrates 40 Years of Texas Craftsmanship

Christian Wissmuller • Upfront • December 9, 2019

Kyser Musical Products, Inc., is kicking off its 40th anniversary, commemorating the brand’s 1980 incorporation and a storied history of growth from humble East Texas roots into one of the foremost crafters of handmade capos and fretted instrument accessories in the world. This milestone 40th year not only celebrates Kyser’s longstanding commitment to empowering artists globally, but also recognizes that commitment as a core philosophy of the company’s late founder, Milton Kyser.

“The year 2020 is a time for reflection, but also innovation,” said Kyser owner and President Meredith McClung, who is also Milton Kyser’s great-niece. “As we look back on Uncle Milton’s contributions to music-making and his commitment to the craft, we look forward to how we plan to evolve that legacy through new products and ideas. We celebrate our 40th anniversary with the utmost respect and pride in what we’ve accomplished, and approach the next 40 with even more momentum. It’s our hope to create greater artistic impact globally, but still embrace our authenticity as a brand, and never forget where it all began.”

Kyser is most widely recognized for inventing the Quick-Change capo, which revolutionized the possibilities of acoustic and electric guitar performance with its efficient and versatile design. From there, Milton Kyser created the Kyser Musical Products brand on a firm foundation of craftsmanship and community. Even after Milton Kyser’s death in 2012, Kyser has remained consistent in producing all of its capos by hand, maintaining the integrity of the original Quick-Change design, instilling a sense of unity between factory employees, fans, retailers and artists alike.

“Moving forward, we plan to continue what Milton started–serving artists with an endless pursuit of quality and innovation,” said Kyser CEO Scott Attebery.

In celebration of this anniversary and Milton Kyser’s profound impact on the musical community, Kyser will unveil a commemorative capo, available in highly limited quantities of 2,020 units. Beginning in 2020, as part of its commitment to empowering future musicians for another 40 years, the company will present 40 of these capos to emerging artists, individuals and organizations who have demonstrated profound influence and impact on today’s music landscape.

The official anniversary festivities will kick off at the 2020 NAMM Show in Anaheim, Calif. on Jan.16-20.  McClung will speak to the growth of Kyser over 40 years during a live podcast at the NAMM Idea Center on Saturday, Jan. 18, 2020, at 1 p.m. The company will also kick off the year of festivities with an invite-only press conference and celebration on the opening day of the show. The announcement will be followed by a performance by guitarist Lloyd Spiegel along with small bites and brews for the Kyser family.

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