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Peaksware Holdings Announces Launch of Ventures Division

Christian Wissmuller • Upfront • September 27, 2018

Peaksware empowers skill development in endurance sports, music education and sports performance through our platform solutions TrainingPeaks, SmartMusic, Alfred Music,TrainHeroic and complementary products Finale, Garritan Sounds, BestBikeSplit and WKO.

Each of Peaksware’s platforms combine software paired with educational content to connect creators, instructors, and performers with tools to publish, teach, and train using the proven principles of deliberate practice.

Peaksware has seen unprecedented growth in recent years, and as a result is looking to tap into the many unexplored avenues through which it can advance its purpose to help people achieve their best. So the organization is launching Peaksware Ventures to identify and help fund products and companies to expand existing platforms and grow into new markets.

Peaksware Ventures will be headed up by Gear Fisher, TrainingPeaks co-founder and current Peaksware CEO. Going forward, Fisher will focus on Peaksware Ventures as head of corporate development, while Andy Stephens, Peaksware’s chairman, will assume the role of Peaksware CEO.

“With Ventures, our goal is to not only help more people with skill development but to give entrepreneurs the opportunity to realize their dreams.” says Fisher. “I was once in their shoes and believe I understand exactly what it takes to help them succeed. We’ve built Peaksware into an organization with the experience, expertise and resources to help launch these businesses.”

Stephens founded Peaksware in 2014 when he brought together two of his investments, TrainingPeaks and MakeMusic. He considers Peaksware to be the culmination of his 30-year career in investment, where he was both a top-performing portfolio manager and the managing director responsible for building $30 billion in asset Growth Team for Artisan Partners (APAM). Stephens brings a wealth of knowledge about successful growth strategies that he is excited to put into practice at Peaksware.

“Since I first invested in TrainingPeaks in 2007 my goal has been to create a growing, self-sustaining business with the passion and resources to make a real difference in the world“, says Stephens. “I believe that developing competence in something that truly interests you, fundamentally improves your life, whether it’s learning to play a concerto, run a marathon, compete as a weightlifter or any one of a thousand other skills. We are well on our way to achieving that vision today at Peaksware.”

Over the years Peaksware has invested in, partnered with, or acquired a number of companies including CyclingPeaks Software, the predecessor of analytics package WKO, Sprint GPS, BestBikeSplit, TrainHeroic, MakeMusic, Alfred Music and Weezic, each of which either augmented an existing platform or brought an entirely new platform and domain into the Peaksware family.

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