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JangleBox Offers Onboard Compression Circuit For Rickenbacker 300-Series Guitars

Christian Wissmuller • Accessories • September 13, 2021

JangleBox has expanded its product line beyond guitar pedals by releasing an aftermarket onboard active compression circuit for Rickenbacker 300-series guitars: the JB-OB. The first limited production run sold out in three weeks.

“Our long association with guitar legend Roger McGuinn, coupled with the great jangle guitar sound our compressors provide, make this a natural addition to our other products,” says JangleBox owner Steve Lasko. “The JB-OB is a more quiet and powerful reimagining of the E1 circuit used in Rickenbacker’s 1988 370-12 RM, the McGuinn signature model. It has the added advantage of two mini-knobs on the pickguard that allow guitarists to control the compression gain and attack on their guitar in live performance situations.”

“For years, JangleBox customers have asked us to consider making an onboard unit. Some wanted the functionality of the 370/12RM on their own Rickenbacker; others told us they used their JangleBox compressor almost exclusively when playing their Rickenbacker, so it was more efficient to them to have a JangleBox onboard compressor in their guitar.” 

“The JB-OB is designed for easy installation, even for guitarists who aren’t technically or mechanically inclined,” Lasko adds. “It a complete drop-in unit, powered by a 9V battery, that includes a pre-drilled pickguard, potentiometers, and toggle switch, along with the gain and attack mini-knobs. The JB-OB is a reversible installation that requires no drilling, soldering, or modification to the guitar body.”

Designed and handmade in the USA, the JangleBox JB-OB is being offered exclusively through the JangleBox website at The JB-OB web page also includes an installation guide, as well as installation video, and sound demo video.

MSRP: $290.00

The JangleBox JB-OB is available exclusively on the JangleBox website store: 

Go to for more details.

The JB-OB is an aftermarket product from JangleBox LLC. It is not affiliated with, nor endorsed by, the Rickenbacker International Corp. “Rickenbacker®” is a registered trademark of the Rickenbacker International Corp (RIC).

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