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BASSBOSS Creates Sonic Booms at The NAMM Show with Unveiling of Two Game-Changing Products

Christian Wissmuller • Supplier Scene • February 15, 2024

David Lee Founder and Designer of BASSBOSS

BASSBOSS, the trailblazing force in audio innovation, left an indelible mark at The NAMM Show 2024 with their “Demolition Experience” demonstrations by shaking the ceiling tiles, knocking out the lights, and causing a viral sensation at the show. Demo-goers were left astounded, with exclamations such as “The roof was caving in on us” and “Absolutely insane!” echoing through the exhibit hall due to the sheer intensity of the aptly named “Demo-litions.”

The roof-raising, dust-creating, and audience-impressing demonstrations were powered by an extraordinary lineup of gear including six new Makara-MK3 Double 21″ Powered Subwoofers, two monumental Kraken-MK3 Quad 21″ Subwoofers, an astonishing six ZV28-MK3 Double 18″ Subwoofers, and four powerful MFLA Line Arrays. This veritable arsenal of gear created the exciting and invigorating environment of maximum craziness that only BASSBOSS will bring.
The Makara-MK3 blew away demo attendees with its punchy and almost violent bass performance and was quadruply more impactful when paired with BASSBOSS’ Kraken-MK3 Quad 21″ Powered Subwoofer, which physically combines with the Makara into a seamless monster stack of subs.
In addition to the Makara-MK3, BASSBOSS showcased the new CCM12-MK3 Compact Coaxial Monitor. This monitor stands out with its 50% smaller size compared to typical 12″ monitors, making it an ideal choice for stages, fills, and space-constrained locations. Its compact design enhances portability and setup flexibility for audio production use.
BASSBOSS’ impactful presence at The NAMM Show 2024 had attendees buzzing and continues to expand the BASSBOSS commitment to pushing the boundaries of audio experiences.

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