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‘Blacked Out’ Returns to Reverb, with New, Exclusive, Limited-edition Pedals from JHS, EQD, Death By Audio, and More

Christian Wissmuller • Supplier Scene • November 17, 2023

Nearly four years ago today, 17 pedal makers chose the dark side, releasing limited-edition black colorway versions of their famous pedals for the “Blacked Out” campaign on Reverb. The new all-black versions of fan favorites and new creations was available exclusively on Reverb — and made some serious noise. Now, after a long hibernation, Blacked Out is back!

The latest iteration of the campaign features six limited-edition, (almost) all black pedals, four of which are brand new:

  • Death By Audio — Space Ensemble SE-1 Blacked OutGive your vocals an edge over others, with sounds from the edges of the cosmos. This atmospheric vocal processor is preamp plus chorus and reverb effects that’ll take you from ’70s-style doubling to full liftoff.
  • EarthQuaker Devices — Zoar Blacked OutEQD’s new Zoar offers grinding distortion in hi-fi sound. Heavy-riff players will get all the grit they want, with the nuanced controls and three-band EQ they need to stay tight and controlled.
  • JHS — Oil Can Delay Blacked OutThis 3 Series pedal revives the weird sounds of some of the earliest delays, which used actual cans filled with oil. Brand new for Blacked Out, this pedal’s prototype was built for and used by Wilco’s Nels Cline.
  • Line 6 — Blacked Out: The famous—and famously green—DL4 gets a goth makeover. This limited run of the modern-classic delay and looper is identical to the standard MKII in every way, except it looks badder and radder.
  • Old Blood Noise Endeavors — BL-52 Phase Repeater Blacked OutOBNE coined “phase repeater” for the kind-of-phaser, kind-of-reverb mashup that sounds, to them, “almost like a room changing in size.” This new BL-52 puts their unique effect in a most unique housing.
  • Walrus Audio — Meraki Blacked OutWith a total of 8 long-delay BBD chips, true stereo channels, and MIDI control, this Stereo Analog Delay is unlike any other. It’s like your analog favorites of old, with the possibilities and control of a plugin.

You can learn more about the Blacked Out campaign and purchase all six of the limited-edition pedals here:

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