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CAE Makes Updates to NATO’s E-3A AWACS Training Systems

Christian Wissmuller • Supplier Scene • February 22, 2023

Inside the cockpit of the first of 24 E-3 Sentry aircraft to undergo glass flight deck modification known as DRAGON. (Air Force photo by Kelly White)

CAE recently acquired L3 Harris’s Military Training Business. L3 used Bag End IPD10E-I’s in their TOFT (Tactical Operational Flight Training) systems. CAE continues with the use of Bag End’s highly reliable, low frequency subwoofers in the E-3A Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) aircraft flight simulators.

Located behind the pilot, each simulator contains a custom, rugged, powered, double 10″ low frequency system. This Infra processed, self powered, system provides a realistic audio experience during training operations. Bag End has been used in flight simulators for many years. We are proud to continue to be of service.

“CAE has supported the training of NATO E-3A aircrews for almost 40 years, and these simulators continue to play a key role helping ensure the readiness of the E-3A aircrews from 16 nations who carry out a range of critical missions,” said Marc-Olivier Sabourin, Vice President and General Manager, Defense & Security International, CAE.

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