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Kansas City Piano Opens its Doors in Overland Park

Christian Wissmuller • RetailUpfront • April 28, 2021


R to L: Jordan Gamino, Kansas City Piano sales representative; Jeff Falgien, CEO of Texas Piano Group; Darren Speir, owner of Texas Piano Group; Mike Vaccaro, manager of Kansas City Piano; and Craig Smith, Kansas City Piano sales representative, at the opening of the new showroom in Overland Park, Kansas

Kansas City Piano has officially opened its doors, bringing the joy of piano music-making back to Overland Park.

The 8,500-square-foot piano showroom located at 7316 W 119th Street inherits a rich music retail history, having served as a retail hub for both Jenkin’s Music and most recently, Schmitt Music. The store is equipped with a 90-seat recital hall and a dedicated Disklavier piano room, as well as a performance space, to showcase the store’s premium instruments.

Flatscreen televisions are prominently featured throughout the store, providing customers with engaging tutorials of the technologically advanced pianos on display. Kansas City Piano carries a fine selection of acoustic instruments, including Yamaha, Bösendorfer, Seiler and Pearl River.

On April 20, the showroom hosted its inaugural concert event featuring piano performances by scholarship winners from Mu Phi Epsilon’s Kansas City Alumni Chapter, the first of many such performances to be scheduled in the coming weeks and months.

“Our goal is to be a cultural center in Kansas City, offering visitors the opportunity to not only experience and purchase great pianos, but also to enjoy fine cultural events,” said Michael Vaccaro, manager of the new store. “As people walk in and look around our modern, open space, pianos set up in an inviting way along with a relaxed and comfortable listening room, they will quickly realize that this is a fun and engaging place to get to know pianos.”

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