Fender has announced that it will be closing the facility in New Hartford, Connecticut where it has built Ovation brand instruments for the last 47 years. The company reportedly plans to cease production in June, but will continue building the guitars in China, South Korea, and Indonesia. The company cited insufficient market demand as the primary reason for closing the factory.

In a statement, Fender senior vice president said: "We are committed to providing the same high quality musical instruments our artists, consumers and customers expect and demand, and will continue to support the brands that are currently being produced in New Hartford." 

The factory was opened in the '60s by Charles Kaman when his aviation parts company, Kaman Corp., began manufacturing Ovation guitars. As Kaman spun off the company into Kaman Music Corporation, brands like Hamer, Adamas were also developed. Fender bought the company in 2008 and moved production of its Guild guitars to the factory as well.  The company says the U.S. production of acoustic Fender and Guild guitars will "transition to other facilities at a later date." Fender ceased production of Hamer guitars last year.

According to Fender, 46 employees in New Hartford will be provided severance packages and assistance in finding other jobs when the facility closes.



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