ADG Fires up Black Ash Pedal

by Ronnie Dungan • in
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• Created: November 8, 2018

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The Black Ash Limited edition fuzz pedal is shipping now to the UK from the Audio Distribution Group/Filling Alliance.

Limited to only 1,500 units worldwide, Black Ash classic fuzz/drive circuit “delivers an explosive-yet-detailed treble response, a sturdy and articulate midrange and subterranean bass extension”, according to the manufacturer. 

The three controls are Volume, Fuzz and Top. Volume sets the output level with unity gain around 10 o’clock and Fuzz adjusts the amount of gain – from cooled-off amp-like breakup at lower levels, to fuzz tones when cranked. The Top control works on frequencies between 2kHz and 10kHz to adjust how “forward” the guitar sits in the mix, helping pair the Black Ash with different pickup types.

UK RRP is £205.


  • Limited-run fuzz unit – only 1,500 pieces worldwide
  • Uses rare and irreplaceable components from Jamie Stillman’s personal stash
  • Wide range of dirt tones – from amp-like breakup to fire-breathing fuzz tones
  • Top dial – lets you tailor the Black Ash to suit any setup
  • All-analog signal path
  • True Bypass – with silent soft-touch switching

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