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• Created: October 6, 2015

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Is there anything more prestigious to have at the NAMM Show then a bright shiny new 2015 Dealer’s Choice Award presented by MMR sitting in your booth? It says a lot to your current customers and it says even more to your potential customers. It says you create products of distinction and value the industry recognise. But how do you win one?

It is now time for those who have introduced new products in 2015 to make sure they are in the running for a coveted MMR Dealer’s Choice Award. So let’s take a look at the process so you will have a complete understanding of how to pick up a DCA.

First, there are 19 different product categories:

Product of the Year    

Electric Guitar of the Year   

Electric Bass of the Year    

Acoustic Guitar of the Year    

Sound Reinforcement Line of the Year    

Amplifier Line of the Year    

Microphone Line of the Year    

Recording Equipment Line of the Year    

Band and Orchestra Instrument Line of the Year   

Acoustic Piano Line of the Year    

Home Digital Keyboard of the Year   

Pro Digital Piano Line of the Year   

DJ Line of the Year    

Percussion Line of the Year    

Lighting Line of the Year   

Print Music Publisher of the Year   

Accessory Line of the Year    

Website of the Year   

Second,  all you have to do to nominate your product is go to And then? Wait patiently until around the 19th of October when we will announce who made it on the ballot. 

If your product and company does make it on to the ballot, that’s when the fun begins.

You should look at MMR’s Dealer’s Choice Awards as your own little political race to run so you should try to do everything at your disposal to achieve your goal of winning the DCA in your category. 

Awareness is the key to gaining a Dealer’s Choice Award for your company. 

1. Only subscribers to MMR can vote on the DCA awards so make sure that all of your people within the company who are subscribers vote. Also, anyone who subscribes prior to the closing of the ballot will be given special instructions on how to vote. So encourage people to subscribe if they are not getting their own copy of MMR

2. Make sure your sales force in the field knows to mention your nomination to the dealers they sell to and ask them to vote for your company and product.

3. Send out an email campaign letting your dealers know of your nomination and how much you would like their support. 

4. Run an ad in the ballot issue (November) of MMR magazine.

5. As a nominee you will be receiving a special logo you can use on your web site and in any print advertising stating your company in a 2015 Dealer’s Choice Nominee. 

So good luck in your quest to capture MMR’s Dealer’s Choice Award in your category. Winning a DCA will bring your company great visibility in the market right when you need it the most – prior to and during the NAMM Show. 

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