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Klang moves to United

by Ronnie Dungan • in
  • MMR Global
• Created: September 14, 2018

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Klang, the German-based manufacturer of immersive 3D in-ear mixing technologies, has appointed United Brands of Düsseldorf as its exclusive distributor to the German market.

United Brands is a highly respected event technology supplier and distributor responsible for the exclusive distribution of marques including DiGiCo and Adamson, in Germany.

Jens “Bubbes” Steffan of United Brands has first-hand experience with Klang’s products and was instrumental in suggesting and setting up the partnership: “I work widely in audio production and have used Klang:fabrik for a number of artists,” he shares. “Currently, I’m mixing monitors for Persian artist Ebi on his world tour and we’re using Klang solutions. I love the cleverness and flexibility of the products. They sound amazing, they’re reliable, and also future-oriented by virtue of their FPGA technology—customers can take advantage of software updates instead of buying new product. We are delighted to add another attractive cutting-edge technology to the United Brands portfolio and place it front and centre in the German market.”

Head of Sales Phil Kamp, added: “As we continue to grow our network, it’s important to us that our partners share our genuine passion for delivering quality products supported by excellent service,” he says. “The United Brands team ticks every box for Klang. They have a thorough understanding of the German pro audio marketplace and enjoy a strong network of partners and clients. Their technical expertise is of the highest order, and this, coupled with a total commitment to customer support, has made them immensely successful. I have worked side by side with members of the UB team on several tours and seminars, as well as in business, and we’ve developed a deep respect and trust that will have a hugely positive impact on our cooperation.”

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