Mojotone running amp workshop

Ronnie Dungan • MMR Global • August 9, 2018

As part of Mojotone’s Build. Modify. Repair. initiative, the guitar products company has announced the first of its very own two-day Amp-building Workshop to be held at their Burgaw, NC facility.

Slated to be the first of many workshops at Mojotone’s new, this two-day workshop will be held 26th-27th October, hosted and lead by Mojotone’s production and tech manager Andy Johnson, and amp products manager, John Manning.  The program will take customers through a classic “Tweed Style” amp build where they will learn soldering techniques, general amp circuit theory and an overview of what makes the “5E3” circuit a ubiquitous blueprint for countless amplifiers.

By the end of the two-day workshop, customers will have hand wired their very own tube amp and have a better understanding of what makes a tube amp so special.

Space can be reserved by calling Mojotone at  800-927-6656 or by visiting here: https://www.mojotone.com/support/knowledge/Mojotone-Amp-Work-Shop_3

Launched in January 2018, Mojotone’s Build. Modify. Repair. initiative represents an energized focus on sharing experience, information and support with customers interested in working with their guitar and amp related products and includes Mojotone’s updated FAQ and Knowledgebase as well as their Make it Monday and Fix it Friday newsletters. Mojotone will also offer a variety of workshops hosted at various retailers across the US as well as at Mojotone’s own facility in Burgaw, NC in an effort to teach people how to Build, Modify and Repair electric guitars, guitar amps and a variety of guitar related products.

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