New signings boost Sennheiser artist relations team

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• Created: September 17, 2015

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Sennheiser has recruited Phil Cummings and Byron Gaither for its Music Collaborations team.

Part of the company’s Strategic Collaborations division, the Music Collaborations team functions to nurture strategic relationships with key artists, engineers, high-profile events, productions and organisations within the Music Industry and boost support worldwide for the Sennheiser brand.

“Sennheiser prides itself on its excellent reputation for support of the music industry,” said Paul Whiting,” president of Strategic Collaborations. “The Music Collaborations Team is all about continuin our dedicated customer focus and the fruitful cooperation with artists and engineers – a cooperation that benefits both sides very much and is a vital part of our vision for the future.”

Phil Cummings joins as Relations Manager EMEA, assuming responsibility for coordinating music collaborations activities and education projects for Sennheiser in the EMEA region. He previously worked in artist relations, entertainment relationships and education projects with Sennheiser’s UK team. 

“Phil will ensure our continuous premium level of service to key customers, end users and influencers, as well as developing strategic partnership opportunities for Sennheiser with a strong focus on music and education,” added Pierre Morant, who heads the Music Collaborations Team.

Byron Gaither, meanwhile, has been appointed Relations Manager Americas, assuming responsibility for coordinating Music Collaborations activities for Sennheiser in the USA. He joins industry veteran Christian Isaac, who is also active as Relations Manager Americas, focusing on Canada.

Gaither has 18 years of experience in the industry, having previously working with Presonus, Adam Audio and Apple.

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