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Peavey Adds Trace Elliot Pre-amp to Carbon Fibre range

by Ronnie Dungan • in
  • MMR Global
• Created: February 8, 2018

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Peavey’s range of carbon fibre guitars designed by Composite Acoustics, has been added to and now features an onboard preamp designed by acoustic amplification specialist Trace Elliot. 

The firm has designed a preamp that leaves the guitar as untouched as possible, both physically and tonally. There’s no large preamp cutout and the basic operation is simple, with volume, bass, and treble controls and tone controls that are especially tuned to boost or cut lows and highs. This preamp is designed to enhance pure, natural guitar tone with minimal coloring using sophisticated FFT analysis and simulations. It also has extended battery life made possible through low power circuitry, meaning the battery drains only slightly more than just sitting on a shelf. 

“In addition to sounding great, a significant benefit of carbon fiber guitars is their ability to withstand extreme variations in climate conditions. This means that even in intensely hot or humid conditions, the instruments will stay in tune longer than traditional wooden guitars while also retaining their precise setup,” said Courtland Gray, chief operating officer of Peavey.

Already offered in a range of colours, the guitars will now be available with a transparent red or transparent blue finish, with black chrome hardware, and have an RRP of $1,599.

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