Porter and Davies Introduces Super Mini BC-X

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• Created: July 31, 2018

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Porter & Davies, specialist in tactile monitoring systems, has launched the BC-X, a super-mini version of its BC2 and BC Gigster.

The new, smaller version comes with simplified professional standard features and a price as streamlined as its size.

Four years in the making, the BC-X has the same quality build, identical response time and many of the same superior components as the BC2 and BC Gigster and  features the company’s brand new, unique TT1 Precision Devices Transducer built into the top of the patented throne. It uses bone conduction to deliver a potent, accurate reproduction of what is being played, without sound. The new transducer allows the BC-X to deliver seventy-five to eighty percent of the power and performance of the BC2 and Gigster systems.

At less than a third of the weight of the BC2 and more than ten percent lighter than the BC Gigster the new engine is highly portable. It is supplied with a comfortable, all vinyl, 13” round throne. Both fit comfortable into a bespoke All-In-One Hardcase which is available as an optional extra.

All this has enabled the company to significantly reduce the stage footprint of the unit and reduce the price to £479 plus VAT. The BC-X is available now, exclusively from https://www.porteranddavies.co.uk/shop.

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