Rotosound launches new guitar care line

Ronnie Dungan • MMR Global • July 21, 2015

Rotosound has launched its first range of branded guitar care products. 

The range includes guitar polish, string lube and lemon oil. All three products are supplied in a counter display of 12 bottles.

Rotosound Guitar Polish (RRP £6.50 is specially formulated to reduce fingerprinting, streaking, dust and grime and restore an instrument’s shine and lustre. The polish continues to work after application protecting guitars and basses from dust build up.

String Cleaner Lube (RRP £5.95) is a silicone-based lubricant which aids friction reduction as well as helping to prolongs string life and the brightness of the string tone. Used correctly it can speed up playing, make sliding and pull offs easier, as well as improve fretting accuracy. 

Lemon Oil (RRP £5.95) is a natural cleaner and conditioner that will keep the fret board of prized guitars and basses looking fresh and playing at their best. It helps remove dirt, grease and wax build up on instruments and combat the drying and cracking of the wood.

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