Sennheiser and Neumann Bundle Together for Anniversary

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• Created: October 4, 2018

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Marking Neumann Berlin’s 90th anniversary, Sennheiser and Neumann have unveiled a promotional bundle that combines a Sennheiser evolution wireless 500 G4 microphone system with the Neumann KK 205 true condenser capsule.

Until now, Neumann microphone heads had been reserved for Sennheiser’s 2000, 6000 and 9000 wireless series.

Based on Neumann’s award-winning series of wired KMS stage microphones, the  KK 205 can take sound pressure levels of up to 150 dB without clipping, ensures high gain before feedback and offers good lateral isolation towards other on-stage sound sources.

The ew 500 G4 wireless microphone system offers up to 50 mW of transmission power and a switching bandwidth of 88 MHz, which gives engineers sufficient room to manoeuvre in the RF spectrum. The system is available in all standard UHF frequency ranges and comes complete with the handheld transmitter, capsule, rack-mount receiver, rack-mount kit, microphone clip and power supply.

The promotional bundle is available now at $1,600/€1,600 until 31st December 2018.

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