UK Sounds makes Musikmesse debut

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• Created: April 4, 2017

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BAE Audio imprint UK Sound has announced that it will debut its new 1173 mic pre-compressor at the forthcoming Musikmesse.

The 1173, originally unveiled at the NAMM show in January, is the debut product for UK Sound, a subsidiary of Los Angeles-based BAE Audio.

The 1173 is the result of a design collaboration among Los Angeles-based producer Warren Huart and gear designer Michael Stucker, produced and manufactured by UK Sound. The new product brings together the combined synergies of two circuits: the 1073 preamp and studio FET compressor. It can be used effectively as either a standalone piece in a project studio, or as an addition to a heavily fortified rack of outboard gear.

“When Warren and Michael came to me with the design of what would become the 1173, I knew it would be a perfect first product for UK Sound,” says UK Sound founder Mark Loughman, who is also president of BAE Audio. “Our vision for UK Sound is to create accessible, high quality analog gear for the masses, while retaining sonic integrity. Combining a 1073 preamp with a FET compressor makes for a true analog dream team, while providing incredible versatility and value for our customers.”

“The 1173 is the first of many products to come at an attainable for a wider, yet sonically conscious, audience,” he continued. “These products are designed to appeal to experienced musicians, producers and engineers looking to diversify their sonic palette while still delivering tried-and-true analog warmth that our BAE Audio customers are used to.”

The 1173 is designed around the 1073 preamp and FET compressor circuit. It features the recognisable FET compressor controls for input and output gain and the compression ratio options of 4:1, 8:1, 12:1, and 20:1. Attack and release controls allow users to tailor the compressor’s action to best suit a given source. While the 1073 preamp helps bring depth and clarity to audio on the front end, the FET compressor kicks in to manage peaks, adding control and thickness to the signal.

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