Band & Orchestra

The Hunter 6403EB Plateau Key Bb Clarinet has a durable plastic body, drop-forged & nickel plated keys, inline jump side keys, and plays with very good sound and key action that are specifically designed for the younger player or anyone who has difficulty covering the standard open-hole ring keys.

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Techra has introduced new low-noise E-Rhythm drumsticks for acoustic and electronic drums sets.

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The new Fishman Loudbox™ Mini Charge battery-powered acoustic instrument amplifier reproduces the sound of acoustic instruments with absolute fidelity and sonic impact –wherever it takes you and your music.

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Band & Orchestra

BG Franck Bichon is pleased to announce new products for 2018. First and foremost is a brand new Coated Metal Snap Hook for straps.

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KHS America announces the release of the new Jupiter Sax Gig Strap JCM-SXNS01.

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VOX Amplification has announced the MV50 High Gain and MV50 Boutique, two additions to the amp series.

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Korg has announced a resurgence of the popular ARP ODYSSEY FS, this time as a limited-edition bundle that includes a Korg SQ-1.

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OMG Music will now distribute officially licensed U.S. Army products to the music industry via their Henry Heller brand.

Read more: OMG Music Selected by U.S. Army to Offer Officially Licensed Products in the Music Industry

Drums & Percussion

Gon Bops has just announced new Roberto Quintero signature Fiberglass Congas and Bongo.

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Print & Digital

Hal Leonard now offers the So There songbook, which breaks down the eight chamber pop songs and a 21 minute piano concerto by Ben Folds.

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