Kala Brand Banjo Ukulele & Cedar Top/Acacia Ukulele

hoff •
  • Fretted
• June 17, 2013
Kala’s banjo ukes are available in soprano and concert sizes and are distinctively appointed with a luxuriant black satin finish, a Remo Weatherking Banjo Head, deluxe geared tuners with black buttons, rosewood fingerboard, maple bridge with ebony cap, and a closed back design. The concert’s hoop diameter measures 8 inches and features antique brass hardware […] Read More...

Notable New Products for Fretted Gear in 2013

hoff •
  • Fretted
• April 1, 2013

RS Custom 64 Supreme Guitar

Nashville’s Custom Red Special Guitars are handcrafted using the same designs used to build the ‘60s models they reproduce.
The 64 Supreme is built using custom- made Block board with Oak inserts layered to enclose the inner chambers of the guitar. It’s covered with select fine onepiece Mahogany Veneers, while the body is bound front and back with white binding.


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