• LOUD Names Altekruse Western Regional Sales Manager

    Christian Wissmuller | People | December 9, 2013LOUD Technologies, Inc (“LOUD”) hasannounced Mark Altekruse as western regional sales manager for the Ampeg and Mackie brands. Mark will utilize his background in pro audio sales and marketing to manage and collaborate with LOUD’s independent rep force to support the two brands’ dealer network in the western half of the U.S. Altekruse reports to […] Read More...
  • Westone Launches Elite Series Performance Headphones

    hoff | Supplier Scene | December 9, 2013

    Westone, the leader in high performance audio and in-ear monitoring technology, announces the launch of the latest update of their Elite Series of high performance earphones designed by musicians specifically for music professionals and audiophiles. The E-Series 10, 20, 30 and 50 will provide the most discerning professionals and enthusiasts with the ultimate sound experience. Westone's legendary custom True-Fit technology provides the user with earpieces that are cast, sculpted and polished by hand from actual impressions of the individual's ears, providing the world's best and most comfortable fit and acoustic seal possible. The end result is the best audio performance of any in-ear monitor on the market. 

  • Amazon Cyber Monday: Some MI Products Go for 15 Percent Under MAP

    Kevin Mitchell | Upfront | December 9, 2013

    On December 3rd, “Cyber Monday,” it was discovered that thousands of MI products were being sold on Amazon in violation of MAP policies by promising final sales 15 percent below MAP.

  • Kala Donates More Than 1,200 Ukuleles to GITC

    Christian Wissmuller | Supplier Scene | December 9, 2013

    Guitars in the Classroom announced that Kala Brand Music Company has donated more than 1,200 ukuleles to its PK-8 classroom programs in Massachusetts, Michigan, South Carolina, Virginia, and California.  

  • Trade Regrets: Vanetta Wilson

    Christian Wissmuller | Trade Regrets | December 9, 2013Vanetta G. Wilson, CEO of Chesbro Music, passed away Thursday, Nov 28, in Rio Verde, Ariz. Vanetta and her sister, Tana Jane Stahn, took over the management of Chesbro Music after the death of their mother Joan Chesbro Thomas, in 1999. Chesbro Music was founded in Seattle in 1911 by Horace Chesbro, who moved the […] Read More...
  • Sennheiser to FCC: Make Auction Winners Pay Those Hurt by Loss of 600 MHz Range

    Christian Wissmuller | Upfront | December 9, 2013

    As reported by MMR's sister publication, Front of House

    Noting that the FCC’s pending spectrum auction jeopardizes future use of wireless microphones operating in the 600MHz range, forcing content creators to reinvest in wireless gear, Sennheiser formally proposed that winners of the new spectrum compensate owners of wireless microphone equipment that will be rendered obsolete as a direct result of the planned spectrum repacking.

  • Morris Joins the Breedlove and Bedell Guitar Teams

    Christian Wissmuller | People | December 9, 2013

    Justin Morris has joined the Two Old Hippies team to lead revolutionize the way Breedlove and Bedell Guitars deliver specific tonal properties in their instruments, as well as refine and optimize wood-yield management.

  • Harvey and Godin Elected Treasurer and Secretary of GITC Board

    Christian Wissmuller | People | December 5, 2013

    Guitars in the Classroom (GITC) has announced that Art Harvey, Onboard Research, and Janet Godin, Godin Guitars, have accepted new executive positions, treasurer and secretary respectively, to lead the work and future of the 14-year-old not-for-profit organization. Both Harvey and Godin have been members of the GITC’s Board of Directors since late 2012.

  • Trade Regrets: Robert Levin

    Christian Wissmuller | Trade Regrets | December 4, 2013

    Sammy Ash sent the following message regarding the recent passing of Robert Levin, of Chuck Levin's Washington Music Center, who passed away on November 25th:

    The Ash Family is deeply saddened by the loss of Robert Levin. Our two Families have known each other for decades, starting with my parents love and respect of Chuck and Marge in the late 60’s. The two Families have always enjoyed a friendship based on mutual respect and love, never on business. Robert showed at an early age to have an acute and keen understanding of business from when I first met him in 1974. We were both working in our families businesses but he seemed to have a better understanding of certain aspects that were foreign to me. 

  • Breelove/Bedell Welcomes Engineer Justin Morris

    hoff | Supplier Scene | December 4, 2013

    As Breedlove and Bedell look to the future, both companies aim to compliment the artistic process of handcrafting instruments with scientific information about the use of woods and their specific properties, and to identify the processes that increase wood yield. Justin Morris has joined the Two Old Hippies team to lead revolutionize the way Breedlove and Bedell Guitars deliver specific tonal properties in their instruments, as well as refine and optimize wood-yield management.

  • MMR Reports from PASIC 2013

    Christian Wissmuller | Upfront | December 1, 2013

    Check out some video clips from PASIC 2013 - updates from Zildjian's Paul Francis and Tom Float from TAMA - and look for full coverage of this year's gathering in the January issue of MMR!


  • In ‘We Already Know That!’ News…

    Christian Wissmuller | Supplier Scene | December 1, 2013

    Studies released last month at the Society for Neuroscience meeting foundthat music training may increase the neural connections in regions of the brain associated with creativity, decisionmaking, and complex memory, and they may improve a student’s ability to process conflicting information from many senses at once.

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