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JodyJazz Honors P. Mauriat Music with Top Global Customer Award 

by Christian Wissmuller • in
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• Created: February 2, 2019

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Kenny Chang, Assistant of VP/P. Mauriat Music, Yao Hsieh, Export Manager/P. Mauriat Music, Alex Hsieh, President/P. Mauriat Music, Jody Espina, President/JodyJazz Inc., Colin Schofield, VP Sales & Marketing/JodyJazz Inc.

At the recent 2019 NAMM Show in Anaheim California, JodyJazz Inc. honored P. Mauriat Music with their first “Top Global Customer” Award. P. Mauriat Music is the exclusive distributor of JodyJazz products in Taiwan and China. JodyJazz Inc was inspired to create this award and present it for the first time, due to P. Mauriat Music’s spectacular sales performance in 2018. Jody Espina, President & Founder of JodyJazz Inc presented the award to Alex Hsieh, the owner of P. Mauriat Music, during the show. 

“It was high time that we recognized P. Mauriat Music for their incredible achievements in the distribution of JodyJazz products,” said Jody Espina. “As our business continued to increase significantly around the world, we had for some time planned to develop such an award to recognize the achievements of our top customers. After P. Mauriat’s truly remarkable performance in 2018, we knew it was time to present the first award.” 

“We have been experiencing annual growth of over 30% in China for the past several years,” continued Espina, “Yes, of course the market there is itself expanding, but this rate of growth is far beyond the natural rate of expansion. We attribute this to P. Mauriat Music’s unique understanding of the market and the quality of their personnel on the ground.” 

“I have known Alex for a long time,” commented Espina. “We have offered each other much advice over the years and have become good friends. So being able to present to him this first award makes it all the more special and rewarding.” 


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