Notable New Products for Fretted Gear in 2013

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RS Custom 64 Supreme Guitar

Nashville’s Custom Red Special Guitars are handcrafted using the same designs used to build the ‘60s models they reproduce.
The 64 Supreme is built using custom- made Block board with Oak inserts layered to enclose the inner chambers of the guitar. It’s covered with select fine onepiece Mahogany Veneers, while the body is bound front and back with white binding.

The Classic Red finish changes colors in the light from a deep red to a washed out brown . The neck on the guitar is a short sale 24” with a zero fret and pearl inlay dots. The headstock is topped with locking tuners with pearl buttons. Each fret board is finished in a high gloss 2-part finish, with epoxied frets. Neck and body are joined at the 20th fret in a pocket that runs all the way to the bridge pickup where it is screwed in place with two wood screws and a single bolt running through the body, exposed on the back of the guitar.
The pickups are correct reproductions of the modified Burns Tri-Sonic Pickups from the original, made in the U.K. A 6-position pickup switch allows players to use one pickup or all three at the same time without each pickup having a phase reversal selector ” switch. The tremolo is a reproduction of the original design with motorcycle valve springs and its arm is made of brass and stainless steel. Limited lifetime warranty included. Custom colors and maple tops also available.

Electro-Harmonix 45000 Multi-Track Looping Recorder

The 45000 Multi-Track Looping Recorder combines the familiar controls of a multi-track digital recorder with stateof- the-art features. Each loop has four mono tracks and one stereo mixdown track. Recording, which is non-compressed, 44.1 kHz / 16-bit CD quality, is direct to removable SDHC cards with a capacity range of 4 to 32GB. Each card holds up to 100 individual loops accessed with the optional 45000 Foot Controller. Recording can be done by overdubbing or punch in/out. Stereo In and Out jacks are provided and the 45000 records in either stereo or mono. Quantize and non-quantize (free running) recording modes are supported. Loop speed is adjustable over a two octave range, and reverse recording and ” playback are also possible. A built-in metronome goes to a separate Monitor Out for extra convenience and a Headphone Out is also included. Retail price: $634.94.

Chandler Limited GAV18T Guitar Amplifier

Chandler Limited’s GAV19T Guitar Amplifier is a cathode-biased, class A, all-tube, 19-watt guitar amp designed in the vein of classic English amplifiers and a big, vintage sound. Chandler Limited will also offer guitarists a selection of loudspeaker enclosures optimized for use with the ” GAV19T Guitar Amplifier.
The GAV19T incorporates its overdrive and tone circuitry directly within the power section. This design enables the GAV19T to be highly overdriven while still maintaining the amplifier’s classic tone. The drive portion of the GAV19T is a b oost / overdrive c ircuit t hat works only on the power section of the amplifier.
As a result, instead of adding preamp gain and distortion to achieve the overdrive effect, the GAV19T uses the power amp. The Drive has two controls – the amount of boost and the tone of the boost.
Selections include Treble Boost, Full Range, Aggressive, Mids, or Bypass.
Tone can be selected as either Normal or Intense. The tone control section of the new GAV19T Guitar Amplifier has a Baxendall tone stack that uses an ECC803 tube. The GAV19T’s Bias control affects only the bias of the preamp tube – enabling the guitarist to gently tweak its overall tone independently of the power section. Retail price: $2,385.00.

Mick’s Picks Model 8 Luthier’s Tool Chest

The Model 8 Luthier’s Tool Chest is an all-wood, eight-drawer tool chest styled in the tradition of machinists’ tool boxes of yesteryear. Stored in the upper section is a wooden cradle that quickly attaches to the top of the cabinet and holds instruments in the perfect position for re-stringing, polishing, repairs, set-ups, et cetera.
The custom cradle features high quality, non-marking, and non-slip safety pads to securely hold an instrument throughout a project. The cradle position adjusts to accommodate all sized instruments from mandolins and ukulele’s to acoustic & electric bass guitars. ” The assembled chest is the perfect height for working on an instrument while standing (when placed on a table) or sitting (when placed on the floor). The overall dimensions are 20” long x 10-1/2” deep x 16” tall, weighing 20 pounds. Retail price: $259.95

Traynor Small Block Bass Amp Line

Traynor’s new Small Block Series are loaded with essential features including Active and Passive level instrument inputs, XLR DI output, a versatile four band EQ with an additional low frequency expander, so a player can dial in any tone quickly and easily. The Low Frequency Expander allows the player to finely tune the bottom end response of any Small Block Series head or combo. A top mounted ¼-inch Auxiliary Input allows source material to be blended with bass ” making the Small Block a perfect rehearsal amp. Convenient ¼-inch headphone out is provided for private practice Other features include a 4-band EQ w/ Low Frequency Expander, Active and Passive Instrument Level Inputs, XLR Balanced D.I Output Switchable Pre / Post, ¼-inch Headphone Output, ¼-inch Auxiliary Input, All Metal Chassis, and Solid Plywood Cabinet Construction.
Retail price: $569 (SB110), $629 (SB112), $699 (SB115).

Schecter Guitar Kenny Hickey Signature Series Guitar

Kenny Hickey’s well defined baritone sound was the heart of Type O Negative, while the bite of his tone found with Seventh Void and his touring stints with Danzig proved that regardless of the set-up, his tone was an organic extension. His Schecter Kenny Hickey Signature C-1 EX will allow players to harness the ” tools of his sound and maybe even conjure some “green light” spirits up.
Features included Set Neck w/ Ultra Access Contstruction, Mahogany Body, 3-pc Mahogany neck, 26.5” scale, Rosewood fingerboard, Graph Tech Black TUSQ nut, 24 X-Jumbo frets, Green block inlays, Seymour Duncan JB (SH-4) / Sustainiac pickups. $1,399.

Fender ’57 Bandmaster

Hailed as one of the true holy-grail amps among guitarists and collectors, vintage examples of the ’57 Bandmaster are rare and highly sought after. The new ‘57 Bandmaster amp now joins the company’s Custom series, with ” alltube hand-wired circuitry and premium components.
It’s faithfully reproduced the classic 5E7 circuit, which pumps about 26 watts through three 10” alnico-magnet speakers, and Jensen’s P10R-F driver (a Fender exclusive) is voiced for warm, sensitive response. The Bandmaster amp’s harmonically rich clean tones are perfect for vintage rock, blues and country styles, and its naturally touch-sensitive overdrive tone sounds electrifying – especially when cranked up.

Boss Multi Overtone MO-2

Powered by Multi-Dimensional Processing technology (MDP), the MO-2 Multi Overtone uses a guitar’s harmonic characteristics to create a wide range of extraordinary new sounds. This nextgeneration BOSS compact pedal with innovative Multi-Dimensional Processing is realized with proprietary technology and custom DSP. It’s ” designed to work well with both clean and distorted guitar tones and bass guitar, and is ultra-responsive to volume changes and playing dynamics.
The pedal works in three different sound modes for wide range of tonal adjustment with simple control, with both mono or stereo output Roland’s innovative Multi-Dimensional Processing (MDP) analyzes audio signals in many dimensions and applies ideal effects to each. By giving different dynamic changes relative to the input signal in real-time, MDP can create bold, all-new sounds. Retail price: $259.50

The Warwick LWA 1000 Lightweight Amp

Warwick’s lightweight LWA 1000 is equipped with two individual channels Premium Care Systems • Tech Quality • Dealer Direct Discounts Revolutionary Formulas • Innovative Solutions • Eco-Friendlier • Preferred by top instrument manufacturers, repair techs & dealers – see website for details Tel: (310) 714-2301 • • • Stringed Instruments • Drums & Cymbals • Amps • More The counTry’s fasTesT growing insTrumenT care company “ A top-quality product with nice margins for retailers…light years better than anything you have on your showroom floor right now.”
– Donovan Bankhead, V.P., Springfield Music NAMM judge and retail gear expert.
NAMM 2013 for Accessories APRIL 2013 MMR 47 with a separate 4-band EQ and compressor, an effects loop, as well as DI and Tuner outputs, ” weighing only about six pounds. The amp is 1000 watts at 4 ohms and 500 watts at 8 ohms, with a Class A Low Noise preamp. Its two channels have individual mute switches and +/- 12dB over each channels 4-band EQ.
Other features include an FX Loop, tuner output, line level output, DI out with Ground Lift switch, selectable pre/post EQ+COMP+FX functionality on DI out, Neutrik speakON speaker output, and an Aux In. Additionally, the amp has a headphone out jack, and temperaturedependant fan. Retail price: $1,199.

Tech 21’s Private Stock Blonde Deluxe

Tech 21 is issuing a deluxe version of their popular Blonde pedal from the SansAmp Character Series through their Private Stock division. The SansAmp Blonde Deluxe features a combination of an allanalog signal path and convenient digital recall. Changes can easily be made on the fly by turning the knobs, double clicking on a footswitch and saving it in that channel. Users can tailor and program any six sounds, from sparkly ” clean to lead boosted tones.
The Character control offers the ability to travel from the ‘50s Fullerton through the tweed, blonde, blackface, and silverface family of amp styles. Dual inputs allow users to have two instruments on-line and ready to go. With six program locations, users can create three custom tones for each input or use all six for a single instrument.
There are four independent, pop-free footswitch actuators and the same controls as its sibling – Drive, Character, Low, Mid, High and Level. The Sans- Amp Blonde Deluxe can be used as a pre-amp or stomp box with any amp/ combo, power amp and speaker cabinet, 48 MMR APRIL 2013 or direct into any mixing console.
There’s a ¼-inch instrument level input, as well as ¼” and XLR outputs with selectable levels, and an effects loop. The SansAmp Blonde Deluxe is phantom power operable, or utilizes an optional 9V DC power supply (Tech 21 Model #DC2), or 9V battery.

TKala Resonator Ukulele

Kala Brand Music has blended the worlds of blues and bluegrass tone with ukulele mellow in the 2013 Kala Resonator Ukulele. An aluminum continental resonator cone has been crafted into a figured mahogany body resulting in a distinctive voice and ” appearance.
The Kala Resonator is available in two colors, Natural Mahogany and Sunburst. Both colors come in both concert and tenor sizes. Other features include a rosewood fingerboard, mahogany neck, satin finish, brass covered cone plated with polished silver-nickel, open geared tuners with black buttons, and a custom Kala headstock logo and tailpiece cover. The resonator models are strung with Aquila Nyglut Strings. All models are set up and tested by Kala’s custom shop team. Retail price: $379 (concert size), $409.99 (tenor).

G&L Jerry Cantrell Superhawk

Alice in Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell bought his first G&L Rampage while working at a Dallas music store, and he still plays them today. He just recently learned of the G&L Superhawk, though, similar to the Rampage but equipped with twin humbuckers.
G&L has now launched t he G &L S uperhawk Jerry Cantrell Signature Model, available in two USA-made versions.
The Superhawk starts out with the same soft maple body and fast-playing maple neck with ebony fingerboard as the Rampage, as well as the Rampage’s Seymour Duncan JB pickup in the bridge position. This guitar adds a Seymour Duncan ’59 in the neck position as well as ” a three-position pickup selector and tone control with push/ pull coil split. The Rampage’s Kahler vibrato is swapped for a G&L Saddle Lock hardtail bridge for improved comfort, stronger sustain, and rock-solid tuning stability. The Superhawk Deluxe adds a premium fl amed maple top to t he soft maple body with a choice of Blueburst or Blackburst finishes and chrome hardware for contrast. Retail price: $2,265 (G&L USA Superhawk Jerry Cantrell Signature Model), $2,665 (Deluxe).

Levy’s Distressed Leather Guitar Strap

Levy’s new distressed leather guitar strap feels like it’s been used for a hundred years and promises to last a hundred more. Each strap is a 2½” wide ” cut of distressed carving leather, finished with a burnished edge, and embossed with a tribal design. Simple, stylish, and comfortable. Pictured is model M17DT10 available in dark brown only.

II:XX Alpha and Omega Modular Guitar Stands

This system itself consists of three product lines – the Alpha single guitar stand, the Omega multi stand rail, and the Alpha head modules.
The Alpha stand system and head module uses the II:XX’s LOC-BRIDGE design to fully secure guitars and bass guitars and prevent them from tipping forward or sideways out of the guitar stand. The Alpha stand uses ” the weight of the guitar or bass to actuate the springloaded cradle, which secures at the waist of the instrument. The design is self-automated and once the guitar is lifted, the Alpha stand releases and remains in the open position. The Alpha stand is compatible for both solid body and acoustic guitars. Acoustic guitar stands are available or can be retrofitted by using replacement adapters.
The Omega Stand is a multi-stand rail system which comes in lengths of 14” (holds two guitars) and 24” (which holds four guitars). The rails can also be coupled together to hold up to six guitars.
The model’s compatible head module design allows heads to be removed from the Alpha stand and added to the rail system, letting the player to customize his or her multi-stand set-up with lateral adjustability to customize distance between instruments.
To further customize the Omega stand, additional head modules are sold separately in both solid body or acoustic modules. Retail price: $99 (Alpha stand), $75 (Omega rail system).

Graph Tech Ratio Tuned Machine Heads

With Graph Tech’s new Ratio-Tuned Machine Heads, all strings respond equally to any winding adjustments, taking into account each string’s gauge. A half turn equals one semitone change on all strings, making the tuning process easier and quicker. ” Ratio is the first and only machine head to incorporate the string gauge into the tuning equation.
Graph Tech believes Ratio -Tuned Machine Heads has reinvented how machine heads function with the musician.
Ratio machine heads fit most major acoustic and electric models in both a 3 + 3 and 6-in-line headstock configurations.
Players can choose from popular button styles (Standard, contemporary, vintage or contemporary mini) all with durable triple-plated finishes including chrome, gold, black, or nickel. Ratio gears are made from hardened steel to precision tune for years and years. Retail price: $99, $110 with gold finish. AER Compact 60/3 Acoustic Amp Audio Electric Research’s Compact-60/3 features a smaller and lighter cabinet (12 SHUBB New for 2013…
Roller replaces delrin cap: • smoother action • superior geometry • reduced wear Rounded corners are softer to the touch.
Contoured lever is easier to use. • 707-843-4068 Our most popular capo — the standard C1 — now sports the design features of our deluxe models! 50 MMR APRIL 2013 mm Finnish birch plywood), representing 15 percent reduction in weight from previous generations of the Compact 60 while offering the same performance.
This newest version also boasts a slight voicing-modification to the overtones, resulting in an improved response to modern percussive playing styles. Finally, the gig bag included with the version 3 is now sleeker, offering ” a more professional look. The ultra-portable amp still offers the same reproduction of acoustic instruments as always.

Flex SmartAmp

The Flex SmartAmp encompasses an analog, pure vacuum tube amplifier circuit which can be digitally controlled via iOS to build a vast number of amplifiers.
By using specially designed iOS software, the Flex SmartAmp has an intuitive control touch-screen interface. The versatility of Flex SmartAmp is also tour friendly thanks to its genius design. All of the amp’s designs ” and presets are stored in the user’s device (an iPad, for example) and can travel in a user’s carry-on luggage, meaning touring musicians will have their sounds and settings stored in their smart phone, table or laptop. They can hire a Flex SmartAmp at the destination and the sounds will be ready to go.

Peerless Retromatic Guitar

The Retromatic’s distinctive headstock, truss-rod cover, and pick guard design makes a bold statement from Peerless.
As a crowning touch, the quirky Peerless logo has been die-cast, set, and attached onto the headstock. The 628mm scaled neck is maple, with rosewood fret board, and angled Mother of Pearl inlay, consisting of 22 polished frets. Neck width at nut is 43mm, and 57mm at end fret, with black binding to match the headstock, giving a sophisticated appearance and a comfortable playing profile.
The Retromatic comes with a variety of options – either a single humbucker or a combination of humbucker and P90 pickups, with or without the 6-way varitone.
The Peerless branded pickups are designed by Matt Gleeson, of Monty’s Pickups London, and were specifically ” created for the Retromatic body shape and its acoustic characteristics. Ivory model shown with aged / black / aged binding. The bridge humbucker is Alnico II wound at 7.9k / 8.0k to give you that ‘vintage crunch’ when required.
The neck is P90 Alnico V wound at 7.1k / 7.3k which provides clarity with plenty of good strong rock.
The laminated maple archtop contoured body consists of a mahogany sustain block and single ‘F’ hole to retain that lively, dynamic vibe while facilitating effortless performance, at high volume.
Several retro finishes are available.
These include natural, teal green, honey sunburst, ivory, black, gold, and candy apple red, finished off with a combination of either black or aged white/ black binding and nickel hardware. Retail price: $1,050-$1,350.

Walden Guitars B-1 and B-1E

Walden’s B-1 series – the B-1 and B-1E (Electric) – are based on the Grand Auditorium body shape, have a 26 ¾” scale, a Sitka Spruce soundboard with Rosewood back and sides, a graphite-reinforced soft C profile neck with bone nut and saddle.
A unique feature is an offset sound-hole with side port that allows the guitarist to experience the full range of the instrument while allowing space for its baritone specific bracing pattern. The B-1E comes with a Fishman ” Prefix Pro system with 3-band EQ, brilliance, notch and phase adjustments to customize the sound to accommodate a wide range of musical settings. B oth the B-1 and B-1E will come standard with a W alden h ardshell c ase. R etail p rice: $1,099 (B-1), $1,429 (B-1E).

Fender Competition Series Effects Pedals

Fender’s new Competition series pedals are a new line of effects pedals designed and built to provide “inspirational tones in a reliable package at an astounding value.”
The Fender Distortion pedal drives tube or solid-state amps into ” thick distortion and singing sustain, designed to evoke the edgy hardrock tones of the ’70s and ’80s. It’s responsive enough that a guitar’s volume control can be adjusted to the exact amount of distortion desired, from aggressive crunch to full-on saturation.
The Fender Drive pedal creates a warm overdrive reminiscent of classic ’60s and ’70s rock and blues tones. It can be used to push tube or solid-state amps, creating harmonically rich crunch and sustain.
The Fender Chorus pedal will add sparkle to clean open chords, animate strummed passages, and thicken distorted power chords. Users can get just the right amount of chorus desired, cleanly and quietly. Operates in mono or with stereo outputs. The Fender Delay pedal creates richly resonating echo effects from short slap-back rockabilly sounds to longer repeating echo. Dedicated delay time, feedback and level controls give users complete command of a sound’s spatial characteristics. Operates in mono or with stereo outputs for two-amplifier setups.

Benedetto Bambino Elite Guitar

One of the custom archtop jazz guitars made from Benedetto Guitars, the Bambino Elite model is a Carved Archtop: 14 ½” lower bout, 2 ¼” body depth, Florentine cutaway. Features select quilted maple back and sides, ” maple neck with burl faceplate, select spruce top with custom floral soundholes (a la the Benedetto La Cremona Azzurra blue guitar made for the late Scott Chinery), koa binding, and custom ‘diamond’ inlays. Custom made for Dr. Jack Harris. Photo by Stephanie Ward. Retail price: $15,000.

TKL’s Black Belt Series for OM and OOO Models

Recognizing the surging popularity of acoustic guitars in the OM/OOO size, TKL is adding a Black Belt ® bag in their 4600 and 4700 series to offer a precision fit for these instruments. TKL’s Black Belt series offers a combination of aggressive pricing with substantial features and protection. The Black Belt series offers musicians many alternatives, with several levels of protective padding, APRIL 2013 MMR 53 and numerous specific instrument sizes, each offering a precision fit for their instruments. The addition of the Black Belt 4605 and 4705 adds to the already extensive offerings of the series.
The Black Belt 4600 series includes 16 choices, including eight for various sizes and types of guitar, four for ukuleles, two for banjos, as well ” as options for mandolin and bass. Every bag in the series comes with a rugged 600D black/ grey nylon exterior, soft 420D nylon lining, 12mm of padding, and dual detachable shoulder straps.
The Black Belt 4700 series includes 10 choices for various sizes and types of guitar, including expanded choices for electric guitars, as well as options for bass and mandolin. Every bag in the 4700 series comes with the same tough yet flexible exterior as the 4600, a soft brushed tricot lining, and 15mm of padding, in addition to the dual detachable shoulder straps. Retail price:

THING 3D Guitar Sculptures by John Hoyt

Thing 3-D Studios presents new pieces by artist John Hoyt, who is also a guitarist and co-founder of underground hard rock bands Contact and Thing. The artworks are wall-mounted guitars adorned with various sci-fi inspired elements, some tamer than others though they all “still approach that edge of insanity.”
Most of the guitars are permanently mounted on the artwork, but customers’ own guitars can also be immortalized by Hoyt. At request, the artwork can serve as a “docking station” and still be easily removable for use. and

New Wall Mount System for McNally Strumstick

McNally Instruments, makers of The Strumstick®, introduce this new magnetic wall hanging system.
The system securely holds the Strumstick out from the wall, held safely in place. A gentle pull releases the instrument for playing, and it snaps back into ” place with a satisfying “click.”
The Strumstick is designed for complete beginners as well as expert musicians and built to provides a spontaneous outlet for musical expression.
The new mount system is in keeping with that spirit.
The Strumstick is designed to give beginners an immediate experience of success – it makes sense to have the instrument hanging ready for instant u se i n home o r s tudio.
The system can be easily retrofitted for customers who already own a Strumstick.
Retail price: $60.

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