The Black Spirit 200 Amp from Hughes & Kettner

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• Created: October 3, 2018

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Hughes & Kettner’s new Black Spirit 200 amplifier is the first amplifier to feature Hughes & Kettner’s new “bionic” Spirit technology. Made in Germany and housed on a sealed PCB, the Spirit Tone Generator faithfully recreates the vivid interactions of traditional tube amp circuits in a strictly analog way, delivering world class tone and responsiveness.

The amp features four channels – Clean, Crunch, Lead, and Ultra – plus a comprehensive range of built-in reverb, delay and modulation effects. Black Spirit 200 is also the world’s first analog amp to feature a power amp sagging control, letting players adjust the amount of power amp sag regardless of the volume level.

The amp can be played through any kind of speaker – from standard guitar cabinets to active and passive PA speakers, studio monitors and even hi-fi systems – and the new generation Red Box DI output now offers eight ultra-realistic cabinet simulations, making it the perfect mic-free solution for stage and studio.

Black Spirit 200 packs a massive 200 watts of power, making it loud enough for the biggest of stages. The amp can also be reduced to 20, 2, or even 0 zero watts for silent recording and bedroom practice. With a headphone out and an Aux in – or using Bluetooth – players can jam along to their favorite tunes any time inspiration strikes.

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