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Latest Hughes and Kettner amp Offers 200-Watts

by Ronnie Dungan • in
  • MMR Global
• Created: September 13, 2018

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Hughes & Kettner has launched the Black Spirit 200 – a 200 Watt guitar amp, with a range of tones and functions, including the ability to be a bit quieter.

Featuring Clean, Crunch, Lead and Ultra channels, Black Spirit 200 is an all-analogue amplifier offering an intuitive user interface featuring what the manufacturer calls Smart Rotary Control technology, which means the amp’s front panel is fully-programmable, with flexible gain and volume settings for every channel and no shared EQs.

The new ‘bionic Spirit Tone Generator module’ is the centrepiece of the amp’s visual display and is described by the firm as a ‘revolutionary piece of circuitry (which) faithfully recreates the physics of a traditional tube amp circuit, delivering world class tone and responsiveness, without the use of a single vacuum tube’.

The Sagging Control, the first of its kind to be featured on an analogue amplifier, is “…the secret weapon for producing new and exciting sounds. Players can use the Sagging Control to level the power amp’s saturation and alter its behaviour at any volume: ‘…accurately reproducing the soft pick response and creamy compression of an overloaded power amp, at any volume”.

Also included in the Black Spirit 200 is the new Red Box AE+, featuring eight cabinet emulations, allowing players to dial in  tones. In addition, it provides output for passive full-range cabinets (e.g passive stage monitors) and stereo output for active full-range cabinets (studio monitors, hi-fi stereo systems etc.) – users can also enjoy the Black Spirit 200’s cabinet emulations through the dedicated headphones out.

Effects include built-in reverb and tap delay, with digital modulations including flange, phase, chorus and tremolo. Smart Rotary Control technology enables full programmability of every pot setting, with 128 presets available via any compatible MIDI footswitch. Finally, the Black Spirit 200 allows streaming and remote control via an iPad App.

The 200-watt amp can also be dialled down to 20, 2, or even zero Watts for silent recording and bedroom practice.

RRP will be £879.

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