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DJ & Lighting

  • Microsound Textures Soundbank

    hoff | DJ & Lighting | August 8, 2013

    Applied Acoustics Systems’ new Microsound Textures sound bank is made for the Chromaphone creative percussion synthesizer and AAS Player plug-ins in collaboration with artist and sound designer Richard Devine. Microsound Textures joins Cardinals and KitNetix as the third title in Chromaphone's Sound Bank Series expansion line.

    In Microsound Textures, Devine's idea was to use grain particles and tiny pulses to create rich and dense textures. In addition, the collection includes a wide variety of surprising and mysterious instruments ranging from light and delicate to dark and atonal.

  • Chauvet BEAMbar and Beamshot

    hoff | DJ & Lighting | August 2, 2013

    BEAMbar™ is a linear effect light fitted with five individual pods, housing one white, 6-watt LED in each pod. It produces thick columns of light by projecting narrow beams and features full pixel control for increased effects. Perfect To create impressive matrixes or runway effects, combine multiple units together using the optional CBB-6 bracket. Powered by a white, 6-watt LED, BEAMshot™ is a compact aerial effect light that projects a sharp, ultra-narrow beam of light.

  • American DJ Quad Phase Ultra Bright 32W Quad LED

    hoff | DJ & Lighting | July 11, 2013

    Powered by a 32W 4-in-1 quad color RGBW LED source, this new high-tech moonflower produces 15 bright preset colors. The Quad Phase HP has an advanced 1.8° long-life stepper motor. The fixture’s 65° beam angle lends an added dimension to its sweeping rapid patterns. The Quad Phase HP also offers all the DMX-512 capabilities for programming or linking. The unit features 4 DMX Channels (Color, Rotation, Strobe, Dimmer); Sound Active, Master/Slave and DMX-512 operation modes; and exciting built-in programs.

  • ADJ WiFLY Series Combines Wireless DMX Transceiver With Battery-Powered LED Fixtures

    hoff | DJ & Lighting | July 10, 2013

    ADJ’s new WiFLY Series consists of a wireless DMX transceiver and three compatible battery-powered LED fixtures, which, when used together, could eliminate the need for both DMX cables and electrical power cords. WiFLY products are designed to work well in RF-crowded environments for consistently reliable, interference-free wireless DMX control.

  • ADJ Battery-Powered LED UV GO with Wireless Remote

    hoff | DJ & Lighting | June 24, 2013

    Featuring a 10° vertical x 40° horizontal linear beam angle, the mobile LED UV GO is made for wall washing and uplighting.  Its 10 x 1-watt UV LEDs produce a bright ultraviolet wash, and users can add effects such as a variable Strobe and 0-100% Electronic Dimming.

  • Global Truss American Glow Totem Sets

    hoff | DJ & Lighting | June 17, 2013The Glow Totem Set is a new, all-in-one mobile truss setup that packs down to less than half the size of standard square truss. Consisting of four single trussing tubes, a base plate, a top plate, and a lycra cover, the Glow Totem Set includes everything needed to create a clean, polished look. When the […] Read More...
  • ADJ’s LED Pixel Tube 360 Color-Changing Light Stick

    hoff | DJ & Lighting | June 3, 2013

    This 39.5-inch/1,000 mm bright colorchanging LED tube is a glowing “candle of light” that can be used in multiples, offering limitless possibilities to creatively transform your surroundings and décor via RGB illumination. Hang multiple LED Pixel Tube 360s from overhead circular trussing to create the effect of a chandelier over a stage or dance floor. Position the tubes at varying heights behind a musician or in the DJ booth for a dramatic candelabra-like performance backdrop. 

    Each LED Pixel Tube 360 unit contains 64 highoutput TRI LEDs, which produce bright, shadow-free RGB colors. The LEDs are encased in transparent UV-resistant polycarbonate tubing, so they’re visible for a full 360°.

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