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PMC Creates New Drum Students for Retailers with ‘Get Your Sticks Together’ Free Drum Lesson Promotion

Christian Wissmuller • Upfront • December 16, 2019

Kicking off the 25th Anniversary year of 2020 for the Percussion Marketing Council, the drum industry’s trade association is launching a new monthly free drum lesson consumer giveaway to bring new drum-lesson students to music retailers offering drum lessons. Beginning in February 2020, each month a randomly selected student will receive 12 FREE drum lessons at their chosen local drum shop or music store — paid for by the PMC through the “Get Your Sticks Together” promotion.

The “Get Your Sticks Together” entry form can be found on the Percussion Marketing Council’s website, along with all details and incentives. It’s a simple process that draws national attention to retail lesson programs all across the country for the entire 25th Anniversary year.

“The PMC wants to help connect retailer’s drum-lesson studios with more students by including their lesson program on The drum lesson enrollment will grow, the studio drum teachers will love it and the retailer receives national exposure for just participating,” says PMC Co-Executive Director Karl Dustman. “Retailers are encouraged to have all their current drum students enter the PMC’s “Get Your Sticks Together” giveaway for free drum lesson as it increases student participation and recognizes the retailer’s studio operation on a national level.”

Monthly lesson winners will receive 12 FREE Drum Lesson Coupons. They will present a weekly drum lesson coupon which is redeemable for a 30-minute lesson at their local music retailer as payment for their lesson. The retailer will then submit the coupon with an invoice for the lesson to the PMC for immediate reimbursement at the 30-minute lesson rate of $30.00. The total free lesson value for the student-winner is $360 for the 12 consecutive weekly free drum lessons. (The giveaway is open to all U.S. residents age 10 years old and older.)

The PMC welcomes all music retailers with active drum lesson studio programs to get involved, just by being spotlighted on the website. At the conclusion of the 12-month campaign, the PMC will recognize all participating retailers who provided free-drum-lessons to the monthly winners. This will be done at the next January PMC Annual Members Meeting in conjunction with the 2021 NAMM Show.

Sign up at as a participating percussion retailer with an active studio lesson program. The form is simple and upon completion, you’ll receive a “Get Your Sticks Together” counter card display to help promote the year-long grow-your-lesson-program campaign.

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