2019 Holiday Buying Guide

Victoria Wasylak • Issue ArticlesSeptember 2019 • September 3, 2019

Before the holiday madness hits this November and December (or sooner!), start planning out your inventory for the fall and winter with MMR’s annual Holiday Buying Guide. Sorted conveniently by price, this list will help you stock something for each of your customer’s styles and budgets.

 $25 and Under

Alfred Music’s Grand Favorites for Piano

Alfred Music’s Grand Favorites for Piano is a new six-book series from Melody Bober. Each level in Grand Favorites for Piano contains arrangements of best-loved classical themes and folk favorites. Book 1, for the Early Elementary student, begins with titles such as “Baa, Black Sheep,” “Barcarolle” (Offenbach), “Brother John,” “Go Tell Aunt Rhody,” and “Hot Cross Buns,” while Book 6 wraps up with Late Intermediate repertoire such as “America,” “Beautiful Dreamer” (Foster), “Blue Danube Waltz” (Strauss II), “Choucoune” (Monton), “The Erie Canal” (Allen), “Greensleeves,” “Hornpipe” (Handel), “Hungarian Dance No. 5” (Brahms), and others. Book 2 is for Elementary, Book 3 for Late Elementary, Book 4 is for Early Intermediate, and Book 5 for Intermediate level students. Books 1-6 are available for $7.99 (Books 1-3) and $8.99 (Books 4-6).




New Black Diamond Strings

Made with a high-carbon steel hex core and wrapped with USA alloy blend wrap wire, the Jimi Hendrix Foundation “Music For Life” Bronze, Silver, and Nickel strings provide excellent tonal quality with a high degree of tuning stability. There are three different packages each representing one of Jimi’s iconic performances: the Monterey Pop Festival, Royal Albert Hall, and last but not least, Woodstock. $8.25

Black Diamond Silver Wound strings create a bright, rich sound on an acoustic guitar. The silver wrap wire creates a smoother sound and feel. The core is the pulse of Black Diamond Strings. The high-carbon steel core is pulled to the optimum playing tension producing a string that opens up smoother and holds its tone longer. $8.50




Sfarzo Strings’ New String Packages

The ALLOY5109 strings in electric and acoustic have a responsive and sweet tone. Using a newly-developed alloy, these strings have greater than ever magnetic properties thereby increasing tone, sustain, and projection. A microscopic coating adds to their lifespan, corrosion resistance and decreased fret wear. The proportion of winding to core size has been increased which ups the string vibration without lowering the output. Each set undergoes excellent quality control for string reliability and consistency. $8.99

Touchtone Electric by Sfarzo Strings offer cryogenic frozen durability and longevity. Cryogenically treated strings are metallurgically enhanced as the process helps to tighten the structure of the alloy resulting in a reduction of surface roughness and an increase in structural durability. They hold their pitch for a clear sound that can be felt and heard. $9.50



RockBoard StomPete Footswitch Toppers

RockBoard StomPete is a useful footswitch topper that increases the footprint of effect pedal footswitches. The StomPete offers a one-piece design based on industrial emergency stop footswitches and enlarges the footswitch diameter for easier accessibility. Made of anodized aluminum, it fits most common footswitches, comes in silver or black and includes a· 1.5 mm hex key wrench. $9.90




 XT Strings from D’Addario

D’Addario XT Strings are D’Addario’s most technologically advanced series of strings created for electric, acoustic, classical, bass, and folk instruments.

D’Addario XT Strings combine high carbon steel cores and D’Addarioi’s most popular alloys with an extended lifespan treatment on every string in the set, giving players enhanced break resistance, pitch stability, and long-lasting performance – all while preserving the tone and feel of their favorite uncoated strings. XT will be widely available this September for Acoustic, Electric, Bass, and Classical Guitar, as well as Mandolin and Banjo. The XT portfolio will range in price starting at $9.99 MAP.



Original Drumdots

Reduce the over-ring without over muting the natural strike tone of your drum with Drumdots. These dots won’t fall off during performance or leave residue, and they can be used on any head on your drum kit, even vertical and upside down. All Drumdots are reusable and renewable and never lose their shape, or melt, either onstage or in the package. MAP: $10.99




Rhythmology II from Row-Loff

Rhythmology II is the sister book to the popular Rhythmology for Snare Drum. This collection of grades I-III material contains solos, duets, trios, and a quartet for timpani and keyboard percussion. The book offers great material for the younger percussionist to be used for audition or festival performance. $12



Gluboost’s GluDry

Gluboost’s GluDry features a unique non-blushing formula which does not contain acetone, heptane, or other harsh solvents. GluBoost dries all CA glues instantly with a super clear finish, and unlike other accelerators, all build and repair work is done with no bubbling, pitting, hazing, blushing, or yellowing. $12



SH03 Drumstick Holder from String Swing

Keep your drumsticks within easy reach during live performances and practice with the SH03 Drumstick Holder. Requiring no screws or clamps, the Stagehand Series holders secure to your stand with a simple twist of the wrist. The tension-fit design prevents this unit from moving, even when bumped, or lifted. Works with mic, music, and cymbal stands ranging from 3/4” – 1 and 1/4” in diameter. $12.99





Electro-Harmonix’s Clip-On Tuner

The new Electro-Harmonix Clip-On Tuner provides a compact and convenient tuning device for musicians with a broad range of tuning modes: Chromatic, Guitar, Bass, Violin, Ukulele C and D. It features a bright, easy-to-read LCD display, a tuning range ofA0 (27.5Hz)~C8 (4186.0Hz), flat tuning (♭, ♭♭), and no-mar pads. $15.





New Books from Hal Leonard

In Rick Nielsen’s Cheap Licks, Nielsen shares his favorite licks, riffs, and influences that helped him craft his distinct sound and become one of the most famous guitarists on the planet. This unique book/video combo includes video footage of Nielsen playing Cheap Trick licks, telling numerous stories, and exploring his coveted vast guitar collection. It also includes video demos of all the music examples featured throughout the book. Rick Nielsen’s Cheap Licks covers topics such as: Pentatonic Scales; Hammer-On/Pull-Off Licks; Double Stops; Country Style Licks; Early Rock ’n’ Roll; 6ths Licks; Sus Chords; Chromatics; Octaves; and more. The video demos featured in the book can be accessed online for download or streaming by using a code found on the first page of the book. $19.99

Similar to the Trumpet Omnibook Hal Leonard released in 2018, the Clarinet Omnibook compiles 43 of the most famous jazz clarinet solos transcribed directly from the artist recordings so that anyone who plays a B♭ instrument – trumpet, trombone, soprano and tenor saxophone, clarinet – can enjoy these fantastic tunes, too. The comb-bound book includes solos from: Sidney Bechet (“Okey-Doke”), Eddie Daniels (“I’m Beginning to See the Light”), Buddy Defranco (“Fascinating Rhythm”), Pete Fountain (“Ja-Da”), Benny Goodman (“Runnin’ Wild”), Ken Peplowski (“All the Things You Are”), Artie Shaw (“My Blue Heaven”), Phil Woods (“Azure”), and many more. $24.99



Promark’s New Drumsticks

The BYOS FireGrain Marching Snare Stick, in collaboration with Ralph Nader and Harvey Thompson, features FireGrain technology, a patented revolutionary heat-tempering process that turns ordinary hickory drumsticks into precision tools with unprecedented durability. The stick features a medium taper as well as a grip ring at the butt end of the stick to provide a comfortable grip while executing stick tricks. The .700” diameter paired with the large round bead provides the necessary output volume needed for the marching activity both indoors and out. $25.

The Scott Johnson DC17 Marching Snare Stick is now available in a painted white finish. The DC17 model was designed with drum corps legend, Scott Johnson, and features a medium taper and large round bead for a wide range of dynamics on the drum while still providing a great feel in the player’s hands. This new version features the same dimensions as the standard lacquered DC17, but with the addition of an elegant, water-based paint finish, providing the snare line with high visibility on the playing field. $21.



Under $50

New Straps from Levy’s Leather

Levy’s Right Height Ergonomic Padded Guitar Strap features suede backing and padding, as well as RipChord Technology for easy adjusting. The strap is adjustable, from 43″ to 57.” Split body style allows for best positioning on shoulders to reduce fatigue. $39.99



RockBoard’s LED Light

The RockBoard LED Light is specially designed for pedalboards. Compatible with all RockBoard 2019 series pedalboards, the simple three-hole mounting clamp can easily be attached to virtually any pedalboard to illuminate pedal setup on dark stages. With four brightness levels and six color settings (white/red/green/blue/yellow/pink), it puts your pedals in the spotlight or provides discreet ambient lighting – and everything in between. Power is supplied via an optional 9V DC power supply. $49.90



AirTurn goSTAND Portable Mic and Tablet Stand

The goSTAND microphone stand from AirTurn is ultra-portable and fits in a backpack. It works well for both standing and seated musicians for holding their tablets, microphones, and other gear that can be mounted using a standard 5/8-27 mic thread. Extendable legs and steel tubing provide the strength and stability to stay steady, and allow adjustments for uneven surfaces and circumferences. Height is less than 18” when collapsed and reaches to 58” when fully extended. $49



Under $100

Transit Series Ukulele Gig Bags from Gator

The ukulele gig bags (GT-UKE) in Gator’s Transit Series provide rugged case-like protection without sacrificing the lightweight portability of a bag. The bags are offered in three styles to fit the most popular sizes of ukuleles: Soprano, Concerto, and Tenor. $79.99





Amahi’s Concert Size 130 Series Ukuleles

Amahi Ukuleles now stocks a concert size in the extremely popular 130 mahogany series. Previously only available in soprano, the UK130 has been a proven best seller in the entry level mahogany series. Made with select mahogany top, back and sides with laser-etched elephant designed sound hole. The UK130 comes standard with a 10 mm padded gig bag, Aquila strings, and chrome die-cast tuners. $88




New Pedals from AirTurn

AirTurn’s BT200S pedals for tablets, computers, and smartphones allow you to read music/lyrics/tabs, trigger backing tracks/effects, MIDI, video, lighting, and more. The pedal easily pairs to your Bluetooth enabled device. Choose a default mode or easily assign custom keystrokes and shortcuts, as well as sophisticated MIDI commands. Set switch type to momentary, latching, pulse, or command. Available in 2, 4, or 6 switch models. Starting at $79.

The professional DUO200 Bluetooth pedal for tablets, computers, and smartphones offers customized hands-free app control for reading music/lyrics/tabs, triggering backing tracks/effects, MIDI, and video/lighting. $99.



Under $250

Casiotone Series Keyboards

Revamped to hit a high note with music lovers of all ages, the new Casiotone series of keyboards consists of three models including the CT-S200 (black, red and white), CT-S300 (midnight blue) and LK-S250 (black). Weighing in at just six pounds, the new models offer a refreshed design including a slim chassis and 61 keys, ideal for playing at home or on the go. Each keyboard is packed with 400 tones, 77 rhythms, 50 patterns for Dance Music Mode, USB Midi, a rechargeable battery, adaptor and more. Additionally, all three models are compatible with the Chordana Play app, while the LK-S250 also boasts Casio’s Step-Up lesson system. The Casiotone CT-S200 (MSRP: $109), CT-S300 (MSRP: $139), and LK-S250 (MSRP: $159) will be available at select music dealers nationwide later this year.



Peterson’s New StroboStomp HD pedal

Peterson Strobe Tuners’ new StroboStomp HD pedal combines unique innovations of its own along with several heavily requested user features, such as a variable multi-color display, pop-less true-bypass function, and buffered output mode. The multi-color display is LCD-based and LED backlit. Users can select a variety of preset colors that will globally change the display color for unique viewing preferences, or if desired, users can also associate a color to any specific tuning preset for quick and confident identification at the gig. Configuration of custom colors can also be done using Peterson’s website app, Peterson Connect, and updating the StroboStomp HD via USB.

The large display of the StroboStomp HD can be easily viewed in any lighting condition and doubles the pixel resolution over its predecessor to provide an instant, real-time response of the smallest pitch deviations with zero latency. $129.99



Whirlwind’s pcUSB

The pcUSB converts the USB digital audio from a laptop, smartphone or tablet to high-quality, transformer-isolated analog audio for a clean, easy connection to a P.A. system of mixing board. The B-style USB 2.0 input jack supports 16-bit/32-44.1-48 kHz sample rates and the box is powered from the host device’s USB bus. Other features include switches for ground lift, -20 dB output pad, and a stereo/mono switch that sums the stereo output to two identical mono feeds from the XLR jacks. $150, including USB hook-up cable.



Kaspar CB1 Clarinet Barrels from Chedeville

Chedeville’s new Kaspar CB1 Clarinet Barrels are designed to add power and projection to the clarinet sound while decreasing resistance. The unique hourglass shape of the outside of the barrel was inspired by the interior shape which is the design element most influential in the sound projection of the barrel. The outside hourglass shape increases resonance by reducing the thickness of the material at the center of the barrel. A third design element is the material itself from which the barrel is made which is Hard Anodized Aluminum. This gives the Kaspar CB1 Clarinet Barrels their powerful sound. This hardness of material also adds to the barrel’s greater projection, and because it’s aluminum, it is also lighter than traditional barrels. Available in 63, 64, 65, 66 and 67mm lengths. MSRP: $159



Electro-Harmonix’s BASS9 Bass Machine

The BASS9 Bass Machine transforms a guitar into nine different basses and requires no special pickups, MIDI or instrument modifications. It relies on the same technology powering all EHX 9 Series pedals, like the award winning MEL9 Tape Replay Machine, but features a new algorithm maximized for transposing one to two octaves down with superior dynamics and tracking.

The pedal is equipped with independent Effect and Dry volume controls so guitarists can precisely tune their mix at the Effects output jack, plus an always-active Dry output jack that outputs the input signal at unity gain. Controls 1 and 2 have been designed to adjust specific parameters for each of the nine programs. For example, in PRECISION, CTRL 1 controls the sub-octaves while CTRL 2 imitates the original instrument’s tone control. The BASS9 comes equipped with a standard EHX 9.6DC200mA power supply. $221.30



Fishman’s TriplePlay Connect

Fishman’s TriplePlay Connect is a MIDI controller that installs easily and non-invasively on most electric and acoustic guitars and allows users to plug into their iPad and create new sounds, instruments, write and record songs and much more. Players simply download the free TriplePlay Connect iOS app from the App Store to discover and interact in a universe of exciting new musical possibilities.

When the TriplePlay controller, app, and guitar are combined, users can blend virtual instruments, add effects, generate complex rhythms, trigger loops and audio file backing tracks, create loops from multiple instruments, add personal loops and audio files from other projects, record performances, and share them online with friends. $229.95



Deluxe Embroidery Themed Case from Maple Leaf Strings

Maple Leaf Strings has designed a line of destination themed cases. The initial designs focus on a handful of popular destinations, but the design team can create custom solutions to tap into the specific needs of individual markets. Paired with the popular 2001 case line, these durable yet affordable cases are perfect for the impulse buyers that walk through your door. $239





Under $500

RC-10R Rhythm Loop Station from BOSS

The RC-10R Rhythm Loop Station from BOSS combines song-based looping, organic rhythms, and class-leading sound in a compact package. Equipped with over 280 built-in rhythms, the RC-10R supports nearly any musical style. Users can also import their own SMF rhythms and store them in 50 onboard locations. With 16 different kits, any groove can be instantly transformed from heavy rock to light percussion and everything in-between.

The RC-10R features interactive displays and multi-function controls for standalone operation, plus 99 phrase memories for storing loop/rhythm combinations. Two footswitches or an expression pedal can be connected for expanded control, and full MIDI I/O is also provided on space-saving mini TRS jacks. With the RC-10R’s configurable dual outputs, users can send loops and rhythms to separate amp systems if desired. Unique tone filters are also available to optimize the input and/or rhythm sound for amplification through a single system. $299.99



Under $1,000

Fender’s Master Deluxe Reverb Amp

The Tone Master Deluxe Reverb amplifier from Fender uses massive digital processing power to faithfully model the circuitry and 22-watt power output of an original Fender Deluxe tube amp. Using a high-performance 100-watt digital power amp to achieve the headroom and dynamic range of a real vintage Deluxe tube amp, paired with the pronounced sparkle and clarity of a single Jensen N-12K neodymium speaker and a resonant pine cabinet, the result is tubeless Deluxe Reverb tone, volume and dynamics virtually indistinguishable from the all-tube original. Front panel features give guitarists a playing experience identical to the tube version, including Fender’s world-standard reverb and tremolo effects. Additional rear-panel features deliver modern convenience and flexibility – including an output power selector for full power and five attenuated settings, balanced XLR line output with impulse response (IR) cabinet simulations, mute switch for silent stage or recording use and USB port for firmware upgrades. $899.99



George Thorogood ‘White Fang’ Guitar from Epiphone

The Limited Edition George Thorogood “White Fang” ES-125TDC guitar features a vintage-inspired ES-125 hollowbody archtop in a Bone White finish with a removable “Cobra” sticker, new ProBucker P-90 single-coil pickups, and Wilkinson Deluxe Tuners. The ES-125 thin-line hollowbody was first introduced in 1956 as a student guitar, but in George Thorogood’s hands, the late 50s two-pickup ES-125 was transformed into one of the most iconic instruments in American music.

The “White Fang” is powered by new Epiphone P-90 PRO single coil pickups, which recreate the tone of the first generation of P-90s invented by Gibson legend Seth Lover. The “White Fang” includes a hand-signed Certificate of Authenticity and Custom Hard Case with “snake-skin” handle. $899.





DJ-707M DJ Controller from Roland

Roland’s DJ-707M DJ Controller is a four-channel, four-deck Serato DJ Pro controller engineered for the perfect balance of functionality and portability. DJs searching for more than song mixing now have tools to manage complex event audio requirements, all-in-one with the powerful benefits of a portable live sound audio console, loudspeaker management system, and fully-fledged performance DJ controller.

Designed in consultation with leading event DJs, the DJ-707M is built to efficiently manage the wide-ranging needs of mobile DJs. The compact controller packs more specifications than larger, bulky controllers and the reinforced internal and external metal parts ensure it can withstand life on the road. Its compact size allows it to sit between turntables and DJ media players, and it is DVS Upgrade ready for component DJ set-ups. DJ-707M’s built-in 24-bit/48 kHz audio interface and high-end Roland D/A conversion for Master, Booth, and Zone outputs – loudspeaker management that includes separate 4-Band output EQ, multiband compressor and limiter on each – ensure working DJs deliver loud, clean sound. $999



Under $1500

Yamaha’s New Electronic Drum Kits

Yamaha‘s new DTX402 series electronic drum kits – the DTX402K and DTX452K – provide beginning drummers with an entry-level kit that will help improve drumming skills and techniques, while introducing intuitive, app-driven challenges and rewards to encourage them to keep playing. Improving upon the successful DTX400 series, these new models feature a sturdier design and quieter, more natural-feeling drum and cymbal pads. For increased stability, the redesigned rack provides a solid foundation and more flexibility for the placement of the hi-hat and snare pads.

Both models come with the DTX402 module, which comes with 287 high-quality, expressive drum and percussion sounds, 128 keyboard sounds, 10 customizable drum kits and nine reverb types. Different music genre selections, such as pop, rock and jazz, as well as the training and learning functions, are clearly labeled on the module for easy navigation. The module also includes 10 unique built-in training exercises, along with a record function, that improve techniques for drummers of any skill level.

The DTX452K features the KP65 kick drum tower and comes with a bass drum pedal. Additionally, the DTX452K includes the HH65, a more expressive hi-hat pad, as well as a three-zone snare pad for head, rim-shot and cross-stick sounds. Yamaha DTX402K MSRP: $799. DTX452K MSRP: $1,049.



Under $2,000

Deluxe Bob Weir Bedford Model from D’Angelico
The first signature model in D’Angelico’s solid-body collection and the next chapter in an American music legend’s career of innovation, the Deluxe Bob Weir Bedford is a “nice piece of work.” Packed with Weir’s concept of a bright and clear tonal powerhouse, the Bob Weir Bedford features two Stacked Seymour Duncan P-90s with a Lollar Blonde single-coil nestled in the middle. A standard five-way blade makes tone control easy, with an added blender pot allowing players to mix in the “odd-man-out”, whichever pickup isn’t selected, guaranteeing maximum versatility. Available only in Matte Stone. MAP: $1,999.99


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