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Relish Reaches One Million Revenues with Premium Guitars

Christian Wissmuller • MMR Global • January 27, 2021

Guitars had not been changed in over 60 years until Relish Guitars emerged in 2013. The startup introduced the first handcraft, premium and high-end electric guitars that allow guitarists to swap pickups in two seconds for unparalleled playability and tone range. With a 1% market share, the company today enjoys over one million revenue.

In 2013, Co-Founder and CEO Silvan Kueng introduced the first groundbreaking innovation in the world of electric guitars. The Lucerne-based company designs and develops handcraft, premium and high-end electric guitars that allow guitarists to swap pickups in two seconds and enjoy unparalleled playability and tone range. Thanks to the revolutionary innovation, the company has already snatched 1% market share of the global market of premium electric guitars. The overall market size of electric guitars is worth over 1.2 billion USD in exports globally and the market size of premium instruments costing over 1000 USD/guitar is approximately about 120 USD million. Within 6 years the brand has established itself as one of the top boutique electric guitar brands in the industry.

The company’s success is driven by a range of patented innovations incorporated in its guitars. For instance, the instant pickup swapping, which allows to modify multiple guitar sounds within one guitar, Bent Neck manufacturing process for an unbreakable one-piece guitar neck, Bamboo fretboard solution on the neck is harder than every tropical wood allowing for greater sound, and it is a more sustainable resource. Relish boasts over its Sandwich Construction technique of its Swiss Made guitars which enables a hybrid guitar output for acoustic and electric guitar sound. Moreover, its ‘Touch Control Solution’ allows to mix the guitar sounds offering over 60 options instead of just a 3 or 5-way sound mix positioner – this solution is perfect for finding the right sound frequency within a band combination.

The demand for more premium guitars is globally growing. To date, the company has sold over 1600 units of its premium guitars exporting to countries such as the USA, Japan and within Europe. By 2020, it had reached one million USD revenue, bringing it to its breakeven point. Relish has already secured external investment and a new round is planned this year to boost growth. The company is currently employing five people and soon, a former Gibson Manager will join as COO.

Commenting on the company’s goals, Silvan said: “Relish will allow other guitar manufactures/brands to implement their patented pickup swapping. The goal is to bring this innovation to more guitarists and make the solution interchangeable among multiple guitars. This potentially will open up a complete new eco system in our industry. If we achieve this, Relish will have set new standards in an industry.”

Additionally, by 2021, Relish has launched a new Online Custom Configurator, which can be implemented to any Relish partner website. We have achieved a new level of online service for the end customer by implementing our existing and new business retail partners. See:

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