UK Company ‘Rawson Sparfield’ Launch the Ultimate ‘Big D’ Head and Cab Guitar Rig

Victoria Wasylak • MMR Global • November 1, 2019

To recreate the authentic Gilmour sound, the new Harry Joyce (UK) Custom 100F2B, all valve, 100watt amplifier features a built-in F2B preamp, the same preamp as Gilmour used as a stand-alone unit feeding just the output stage of his Hiwatt DR103 100watt head.

This exclusive new amplifier is named after Harry Joyce, the first engineer and wiring contractor for Hiwatt amplifiers whilst in production and who built the fore runner of the original Hiwatt DR103 100watt head.  Natural compression squeezes every last drop of sustain from soaring solo notes and big chiming chords with bell-like harmonics.

At the top end, compression has more effect delivering thick, fluid, sustaining edgy characteristics, suitable for all pickups, especially single coils. Like the original design, controls are kept to a minimum with just the essential Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, Presence, Master Volume and Bright Switch.

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