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Bang Your Head! – Drum Head Sales Soar in 2022

Christian Wissmuller • ArchivesNovember 2022Survey • November 1, 2022

With nearly 100 percent (94.1%) of participants in this month’s dealer survey reporting either upwards or level sales trends when it comes to drum heads, compared to 2021, it seems inarguable that percussionists are nearly back in full force, post-pandemic. Other trends noted by retailers include continuing supply-chain issues, a predictably high number of snare heads requiring frequent replacement (compared to other drum heads), and the need for knowledgeable sales staff to help guide those musicians who may not be up to snuff on what their precise needs may be.

Sales of drum heads, when compared to this time last year, are…

Up: 70.6%    

Down: 5.9%

Level: 23.5%

What specific head types are the hottest sellers for your business?

Coated: 58.8%

Clear: 52.9%

Black: 5.9%

Skin: 5.9%

Multi: 11.8%

What are the most popular drum heads at your store?

Bass Drum: .9%

Tom-Tom: 2.3%

Snare: 94.3%

Multi: 2.5%

Which brands are generating the most profit for your operation?

Aquarian: 47.1%

DW: 5.9%

Evans: 70.6%

LP: 17.6%

Ludwig: .7%

MEINL: 1.3%

Pearl: 5.9%

Remo: 64.7%

TAMA: .7%

Toca: .7%

Yamaha: 5.9%

What trends have you been noticing with respect to drum head sales?

“With COVID restrictions lifting this summer, there was an influx in drummers getting out gigging again. I suspect that it will return to pre-2020 numbers next year.”

Nori Wentworth

Wentworth Music

Kelowna, BC, Canada

“Tom pre-packs have become incredibly popular as a cost savings for the end user. Customers are also opening up to new brands, as the fill rate from some suppliers has been strident since the pandemic started.”

Shane Kinney

Drum Center of Portsmouth

North Hampton, New Hampshire

“One thing about drummers: they love to tinker with their set and sound. Sales for drumheads remained constant during the pandemic as drummers experimented with different heads. They remain steady as drummers are playing live again. Most have gone back to the heads they were using pre-pandemic.”

David St. John

Music & Arts

Glendora, California

“There are so many different drum heads that customers ask us for our recommendations. We make sure that the customer gets the perfect head pertaining to the type of music they play.”

Mark Bolos

Big Apple Music

New Hartford, New York

“People are amazed, yet still unaware of ‘Silent’/low-volume mesh heads. The majority of drummers don’t know much about heads, plys, coatings, sound, tuning.”

Richard “Gus” Guastamachio

Dynamic Percussion

East Hartford, Connecticut

“Full sets are on the rise, not just single drums.”

Derek Sharp

Supersonic Music

Topeka, Kansas

“We sell marching heads/timpani, drum set. Haven’t sold as many drum set heads.”

Peter Knudson

Drums West/Boomer Music

Ft Collins, Colorado

“There are many choices for kick drum.”

Davin Odegaard

Twin Town Guitars

Minneapolis, Minnesota

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