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Introducing Meraki Flutes

Christian Wissmuller • Band & Orchestra • August 1, 2022

After 12 years as a flute specialist business, Flute Pro Shop (FPS) has recognized three major issues for flute players looking for a new flute, and has developed solutions for them all.

First: “Aunt Susan’s Flute.”  You all know this flute.  It was used by a relative or friend and has been in the attic for 30 years.  This flute is handed to the 9-year-old aspiring flutist, because parents think nothing will come of it.  Solution: the Meraki Series 1 Flute.  An entry level flute featuring a hand cut headjoint and professional set-up.  Built solidly, priced at $428.

Second: the retired person: played the flute in high school, wants to get back into playing.  The nice flute they had in high school is a mess. Solution: Meraki Series 11 and 111 flutes.  Series 11 features a 925 Silver headjoint for $1148.  Series 111 features 925 Silver tubing and is $2598.  Both feature hand-cut embouchure holes, and a complete set-up by a master technician

Third: A talented High School student has outgrown their flute.  Parents are stressed: college tuition for children, inflation, gas prices, and the economy’s instability. Solution: Meraki Series 1111.  925 Silver throughout, C# trill, D# roller, Split E: $2998.00.

Meraki features piccolos (ABS, Composite, and Grenadilla), alto flutes, horizontal bass flute, vertical bass flute and contrabass flutes.

FPS are distributors as well as dealers, selling these flutes for less than the competition with no compromise to quality.

Teachers can inquire about the company’s studio flute offer by messaging hello@fluteproshop.com FPS will make sure you and your students receive a studio flute!!

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