Wuhan Cymbals & Gongs Now Under new Ownership

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• Created: December 18, 2018

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Mark Tirabassi, Robbie McFarland, and Jim Bickley

The recently established wholesaler/distributor, Cardinal Percussion, has acquired the Wuhan Cymbals and Gongs brand.

Wuhan is known for their iconic hand-crafted China cymbals. Wuhan’s two-thousand-year-old traditional manufacturing methods are still being used to this day.
Cardinal Percussion’s Jim Bickley stated, “the entire Wuhan line will receive some exciting changes that will appeal to the needs and demands of today’s drummers.”
In addition to their own brands, Attack Drum Heads, Cardinal Packaged Goods, Wuhan Cymbals & Gongs, Cardinal Percussion will also be carrying a multitude of other popular domestic brand names known to dealers and percussionists worldwide.
You can reach Cardinal Percussion at 330-707-4446 or by email at sales@cardinalpercussion.com

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