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The patented removable neck system allows this carbon fiber acoustic travel guitar to collapse into an airline carry-on size case for the traveling musician or backpacker. Carbon fiber composite material provides durability and can function in any climate without cracking, warping or changing tone.

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DJ & Lighting

The Scorpion Script laser effect is a compact 532mn/50mW green laser that comes with its own detachable keyboard to display custom text. Use the keyboard to type out any customized text (name of a venue, DJ, performer) and the fixture stores it for recall later via keyboard or a wireless controller. The Scorpion Script’s keyboard can be used to create customized laser patterns and to apply eye-catching rotation effects to words and graphics. The laser also features built-in patterns.

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Kala Thinline acoustic/electric guitars are six-string models available in both steel string and nylon string versions. Both are cutaway models that feature a Shadow SH Performer Pro Tuner NFX preamp with tuner and Nanoflex pickup. Kala originally offered a limited edition of the Thinline guitar series from 2008 to 2010.

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Band Instruments

MusicNomad’s additions to its instrument care products include: Valve Oil, T-Slide Trombone Lubricant, Bore Oil, Silver Polish, Lacquer Polish, Polishing cloths for Piano/Keyboard, Brass and Woodwind, String Instrument, Piano ONE polish, Key ONE Key, and Keyboard cleaner. The formulations are proprietary and eco-friendly.

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Supplier Scene

Guild Guitars is pleased to announce the launch of the newly revamped The website has been completely overhauled; aside from the fresh, clean aesthetic, the most obvious major improvement is its responsive design. Whether viewing on a phone, tablet, desktop, or laptop, the website auto-adjusts to optimize the browsing experience.

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Supplier Scene

For 21 years, Rosenthal has performed with Billy Joel as keyboardist, adding "musical director" to his title along the way. A longtime Radial user, the Rosenthal says the Radial SW8 figures prominently in his equipment plan. "I've been using SW8s for quite some time, but most recently in the new generation of my keyboard rig that I'm using on this tour," he says.

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The TD-1K features 15 ready-to-go drum kits for playing many styles. Unlike typical entry-level sets, the cymbals in the TD-1K incorporate the advanced expressiveness that is a hallmark of all V-Drums. The crash and ride include bow/edge sounds, support for cymbal chokes, and have a natural swinging motion when played. The hi-hat provides organic sound variation from tightly closed to fully open, and users can play heel splashes and other traditional techniques as well.

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Supplier Scene

Mapex & Majestic Concert percussion recently welcomed Pete Korpela to their roster of Artists. Korpela is a Latin Grammy Award-nominated percussionist.  Since moving to Los Angeles in 1997, he has gained a reputation as a versatile musician in orchestral, Latin, jazz, world, rock and pop music.  Korpela employs the Majestic Prophonic Snare Drum and Concert toms within his array of percussion instruments on tour with Josh Groban. He has also chosen a stand-mounted Mapex Saturn IV bass drum.

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This new book is designed for serious musicians as a strategic, step-by-step guide to producing a fully customized, low budget plan to market their music at a time when new technologies make it possible to attract attention independently and leverage their own careers. Written in a conversational tone with samples, examples, expert Q&A, and graphics,

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Locally owned music retail store Best in Music (Orem, Utah) recently celebrated 25 years in business with an anniversary event on September 12. The event (one in a series of annual anniversary events) saw big deals on music, instruments, and other products as well as the famous drawing for $18,000 worth of prizes.  Musical performances from local bands as well as students and teachers from the Best in Music Education Center held in the store parking lot began at noon on September 13. 

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