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2021 Buyer’s Guide

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  • Hosa Techology’s A/V Work Gloves

    Whether working with permanent or temporary setups, Hosa A/V Work Gloves protect your hands without limiting your abilities. Synthetic leather tips on the thumb, index, and middle fingers, allow use of touch screen devices that continue to expand in the marketplace. The stylish Hosa “H” silicone grips on the palm also make grabbing and gripping heavy gear during load-in and teardown easier than with your bare hands while providing extra protection. Hosa A/V Work Gloves are form-fitting so users don’t have to sacrifice dexterity while wearing them. Unlike other gloves, Hosa A/V Work Gloves utilize a breathable fabric on the back of the hand to help ventilate and keep your hands from overheating. Hosa A/V Work Gloves also feature an adjustable hook and loop strap for adjustable security and comfort. Available in four sizes. MSRP: $27.95 per pair.
  • Joe Satriani Swivel Straps and VENN Reeds from D’Addario

    D’Addario Accessories’ new Joe Satriani Swivel Straps swivel out of any tangle to keep your strap from popping off your instrument while always keeping you in comfort and style. The Joe Satriani Swivel Strap comes in three original designs created by Joe Satriani including Crosses, Black Paisley, and Black. $45 D’Addario Woodwind’s VENN is a new species of reeds that combines the stability and longevity of a synthetic reed with the sound and feel of natural cane. To mimic the organic structure of cane, D’Addario reverse-engineered cane itself, layering different strengths of polymer fibers with resin and organic reed elements to make up the reed blank. VENN lasts far longer than a cane reed, is consistent from reed to reed, and is less subject to splitting, chipping, and breaking from use. VENN requires no prep, care, and maintenance and is resistant to environmental conditions including temperature, humidity, and more. Available initially for B♭ clarinet, alto, and tenor saxophone.
  • The Eddy Analog Vibrato & Chorus Pedal from Electro-Harmonix

    The Eddy is a new analog vibrato and chorus featuring a classic liquid modulation sound with modern control functionality. Familiar controls like Rate and Depth control the speed and intensity of the effect while Tone and Volume adjust the Eddy to fit your setup. Extended controls like Shape and Envelope let you customize the sound and response of the pedal.
  • Unify from PlugIn Guru

    Unify is a revolutionary new type of instrument that lets you layer, play, and combine AU, VST, or VST3 plug-ins to create new, inspiring, and outrageously creative sounds. Not only can you load your own plug-ins, but Unify also ships with its own built-in library of virtual instruments and audio effects, making it immediately ready to use right "out of the box." Including 500-plus stock patches crafted by renowned sound designer John "Skippy" Lehmkuhl, Unify's core library is already extremely versatile. However, when blending Unify's core library with your favorite plug-ins, the creative possibilities are truly endless. $79
  • Whirlwind’s IMP Line Level Combiner

    Use the IMP Line Level Combiner box when you want to create a mono mix from a stereo source but need to keep the original stereo signals isolated. It's great for feeding a DAT player or CD into a mono system or single channel on a board. The IMP Line Level Combiner not only combines two line-level signals into one line level output, but it also compensates for the 6dB of gain that occurs when two in-phase signals are combined. A handy ground-lift switch breaks the shield connection between the inputs. Connections are socket XLRs in, plug XLR out.  
  • Roto-Grip Locking Super Rotomatics from Grover

    Grover’s new Roto-Grip Locking Super Rotomatics (509 Series) feature a three-step button and utilize the famous 18:1 Rotomatic design with a “thumb screw” mechanism, which locks the string into place. Insert the string through the post hole, wrap around once, then lock by tightening with the thumb screw. These are the perfect replacement for the most standard machine heads. Includes all mounting hardware. Available finishes include: nickel, black chrome, and gold.
  • Godlyke’s Maxon Custom Shop SSD-9 Super Sonic Distortion Pedal

    Godlyke’s Maxon Custom Shop SSD-9 Super Sonic Distortion pedal was developed based on suggestions from professional Guitarists as to how the stock SD-9 circuit could be improved. The Super Sonic Distortion modifications produce a rich, thick Guitar tone with tube amp-like qualities and response. This pedal offers dramatically increased output level to push signal chains harder and allow for use with a wider variety of guitar and amp combinations, as well as true bypass switching and attenuation of the 1K range that can make the stock version sound “fizzy” in higher settings. Several component tolerances changed to allow for operation at 18 VDC – a popular request from guitarists looking for improved headroom and less compression. $199
  • Studio Class Closed-Back Headphones from ddrum

    The ddrum Studio Class closed-back headphones fill the need drummers have for superior Db attenuation and studio quality fidelity all in an incredibly comfortable design. While other isolation headphones may provide protection from harmful sound levels and the ability for audio playback, the ddrum Studio Class headphones take performance to a new level. These professional headphones utilize comfortable ear cushions that house 40mm drivers, producing high precision audio and a frequency response of 20-20,000 Hz. These headphones also provide 36.7 dB of passive sound isolation.
  • Wall Panels from Gator Frameworks

    The 2”-thick pyramid style acoustic foam wall panels by Gator Frameworks improve the acoustics of a room by absorbing and controlling unwanted reflected noise for an enhanced recording and listening experience. The panels are perfect for spot treating your studio or listening space, making them perfect for podcast and broadcast studios, home offices, small home studios, conference rooms, vocal booths, control rooms, and similar applications. Each foam panel features a 3D pyramid design for maximum sound absorption with an acoustical performance rating of 0.45 NRC. The acoustic foam series includes 12” x 12” pyramid foam panels offered in packs of two, four, and eight. Choose between burgundy, charcoal, or red.

Print & Digital

  • Hal Leonard’s Latest Releases

    Ukulele for Young Beginners: Easy Lessons for Kids by Jake Shimabukuro is designed to inspire and excite kids with their first step into a lifetime of making music. The books can be used by families or in a classroom setting. Each chapter includes a video lesson by Jake that’s accessed online where he provides age-appropriate instruction. The full-color book 9-inch by 6-inch book includes simple lessons with fretboard photos and fun supplemental activities to reinforce what the kids are learning from the videos. The songs include optional teacher chord frames so an adult can play along with the student making them sound even more professional. $9.99 The JustinGuitar Easy Guitar Songbook features 101 popular songs that can be played with up to eight open chords. Songs are presented in sequential difficulty order in chord/lyric format with lesson tips, chord diagrams, and more. The collection includes top hits, including “Eleanor Rigby” (The Beatles), “Free Fallin’” (Tom Petty), “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)” (Green Day), “Perfect” (Ed Sheeran), “Shallow” (Lady Gaga), “Zombie” (The Cranberries), and dozens more. $24.99 Pop, R&B and Gospel Drumming: A Guide to Developing Grooves, Improvisation, and Technical Mastery Within Modern Music Styles and Settings by Chris Johnson is a unique “video book” from Hal Leonard. The video is accessed by using the unique code within each book. In the book, Chris gives advice on playing techniques and approaches, and shares experiences of playing in both live performances and studio sessions. The accompanying videos showcase Johnson playing pop hits along with original music and arrangements played by his band as well as bonus material featuring interviews with iconic drummers and other industry professionals. Chapters touch on topics such as technical development, groove development, stylistic/genre awareness, tune memorization, improvisation and soloing, working with backing tracks, life tips for musician, and more. $29.99.
  • ‘Music-Go-Round’ and Suzuki Violin School Recordings from Alfred Music

    Music-Go-Round is a 100-page book overflowing with creative musical activities for elementary students. This book includes Color-By-Note coloring pages, Word Wizard word searches, Musical Mix-Ups, Colorful Beats, Music Note Spelling Bees, Puzzling Pitches, and more. Music-Go-Round covers facts and concepts that are already part of music curriculums, these attractive reproducible worksheets are perfect for bell work, simple assessments, extra credit exercises, homework assignments, quick lesson extensions, or ready-to-go substitute teacher plans. The International Suzuki Association, in conjunction with Alfred Music, has released the recordings of the Suzuki Violin School, Volumes 1–3 by internationally renowned violinist, Hilary Hahn in collaboration with pianist Natalie Zhu. The new recordings and the Suzuki Violin School International Editions are available as: Violin Part Book, Piano Accompaniment Book, Violin Part Book and CD, and CD only. The recordings feature tracks that include violin and piano, as well as piano accompaniment only tracks for play-along purposes.

Drums & Percussion

  • Saturn’s Evolution Series of Drum Kits

    The new Saturn Evolution Series of drum kits offers hybrid shell technology, presenting both birch/walnut blended shells and maple/walnut blended shells in the same series, giving the player unprecedented selection in sound character. Saturn Evolution debuts the "Halo" mounting system, a unique lateral "under lug-line" suspension mount allowing the shell to fully resonate with an open, pure tone. Each Halo Mount is equipped with the new Sustain Adjustment Knob which acts as a built-in equalizer slightly dampening the resonance of the shell when needed, producing a tighter and quicker decay, and eliminating the need for external muffling. Saturn Evolution also includes a host of Mapex Innovations developed through the acclaimed Black Panther Design Lab project. Floor tom legs feature a 90-degree static angled leg and the Sonic Pedestal Foot reducing the transfer of energy through the hardware keeping as much resonance in the drum as possible. The air flow venting system ensures that each drum produces its optimal tone by locating the air-vents at the nodal points of each shell keeping each drum breathing perfectly from the slightest touch to the most brutal stroke. The Chamber Specific Design concept gives each part of the instrument its true voice as shell plies get progressively thicker, depths increase by 1/2”, and SONIClear bearing edges graduate as the drums get larger in diameter.
  • Limited-Edition CRX AIR Low-Volume Cymbal Sets

    TRX Cymbals has released a limited edition, four-piece set the popular AIR Series low-volume cymbals with a custom, Sky-Blue finish. The set, which is recommended for practice rooms, teaching studios, and low-volume playing situations, includes 14˝ hi-hats, 20˝ ride, 18˝ crash-ride, and 16˝ crash plus a cymbal bag. MSRP: $499.99
  • Yamaha’s DTX6 Electronic Drums Series

    Yamaha’s DTX6 Series of electronic provides drummers of every level with a perfect solution for quiet practice, rehearsal, recording, and education. The DTX6 Series, with the DTX-PRO module featuring the Kit Modifier, delivers the highest resolution sounds and puts drummers in control of unbound creative expression. Drummers can take videos of their performances and share them without leaving the drum throne, while developing their drumming skills with unparalleled training tools. The DTX6 series – including the DTX6K-X, DTX6K2-X, and DTX6K3-X models – offers drummers new professionally-sampled sounds and effects recorded around the world in renowned studios. For easy modification, the series features a Kit Modifier within the new powerful DTX-PRO module. With a simple turn of a knob, players can alter sounds dynamically with EQ effects including ambiance and compression. The Yamaha DTX6K-X (MSRP: $1,360), DTX6K2-X (MSRP: $2,020), and DTX6K3-X (MSRP: $2,420) are currently shipping.


  • ES920 and ES520 Digital Pianos from Kawai

    Combining Kawai’s Responsive Hammer keyboard action and Harmonic Imaging sound technologies, the ES920 (pictured) and new mid-range ES520 reproduces the touch and tone of a concert grand piano, providing an authentic, rewarding playing experience for musicians of all abilities. In addition to other fine features, including brand-new lightweight body design, these portable instruments are suitable choices for home, stage, or classroom. The ES920 and mid-range ES520 feature a brand-new modern body design with a flat panel surface complemented by smooth, rounded edges. With their modern design, sturdy body, and lighter weight, the ES920 and ES520 are some of the most portable pianos in their respective classes making them excellent choices for the gigging or studio musician. In addition to their portability, when attached to their dedicated HM-5 designer stand and F-302 triple pedal bar, these instruments transform into stylish and compact piano replacements.
  • Yamaha’s EZ-300 Keyboard

    The EZ-300 personal electronic keyboard features 61 light-up keys, an expandable playlist of built-in popular songs, and the unique Keys to Success lesson mode. Thanks to the light-up keyboard, even someone who has never touched a musical instrument before can play along with a song within seconds of turning the EZ-300 on, just by following the lights. The keys are also touch-sensitive, meaning that playing them with more force makes the notes louder, just like on an acoustic piano. Although the EZ-300 comes right out of the box with 140 songs built in, users can expand its song library via simple drag-and-drop of MIDI song files (downloaded from the Yamaha online shop) from their Mac or PC directly via a USB connection. No additional apps are required.

Pro Audio

  • Yorkville’s SA102 Full Range Loudspeaker and SA115S Subwoofer

    Yorkville’s two new additions to the Synergy Array Series are the SA102 active full range loudspeaker and the SA115S active subwoofer. When paired together, these components make a smaller, lighter, and more portable version of the Synergy Array Series, Yorkville’s most powerful and versatile point-source system to date. Equipped with a 10” LF woofer and 1 HF Compression Driver, the SA102 delivers 1,200 Watts (Program) and 2,400 Watts (Peak) and provides a 7 Degrees Up, 38 Degrees Down coverage pattern. Like its predecessor, the cabinet can be turned 180 degrees from top to bottom to flip the coverage pattern. The Danley patented 15” tapped horn allows for the SA1153 to deliver an astonishing 6,400 Watts (Program) and 13,000 Watts (Peak) in a compact cabinet. The SA102 can sit secure on the sub using interlocking feet or can be raised up by connecting a speaker pole to the SA115S built-in mounts.
  • Blackbird 40 Guitar Speaker from Jensen

    The Jensen Blackbird 40 is a new 12” guitar speaker in the Jet Series. The Blackbird 40 is a 40W speaker with a 1.26 inch copper-wound voice coil and a reinforced AlNiCo magnet in the classic “horseshoe” format. The Blackbird 40 is the first speaker in the Jet Series featuring Jensen’s exclusive Reinforced AlNico magnet technology. This new technology results in a magnet which has been reinforced and made more efficient, raising the overall Flux Density (the “strength” of the magnet) by over 30 percent. This results in the behavior of a much bigger and more expensive magnet without the added cost. The outcome is that the Blackbird 40 delivers the classic, unmistakable voice of a Jensen AlNiCo speaker, supported by a stronger, firmer foundation that reinforces the bass range. The Blackbird 40 is great for an upgrade to a classic vintage amplifier, yet is equally suited to modern, more versatile amplifiers. $195

Band & Orchestra

  • P. Mauriat’s PMST-600XJ Tenor Saxophone

    P. Mauriat’s PMST-600XJ tenor saxophone features yellow brass construction throughout, as well as straight tone holes which offer just the right amount of resistance. The 600XJ is a raw brass instrument which allows for maximum vibration. P. Mauriat finished the 600XJ with selected parts in silver-plate in order to set it apart from anything else on the bandstand.
  • The Blues Bander 586BX from Hohner

    Hohner’s newly- redesigned Blues Bender Harmonica, the Blues Bander 586BX, features a clear plastic comb with classic “sandwich style” construction for a traditional feel. The coverplates are made from stainless steel and include improvements from harmonica models costing three times as much. As a finishing touch, the reedplates are chrome plated, adding to the sleek classiness of the instrument. This model will be available in Hohner’s most popular major keys: A, B♭, C, D, E, F, and G. All Hohner Diatonic harmonicas come with 30 days of free online lessons from MAP: $19.99
  • Roland’s Aerophone Pro

    Roland’s Aerophone Pro packs entire brass and woodwind sections into a single digital instrument. Aerophone Pro’s thin, ergonomic design looks great on stage and is easier to hold for a more confident playing experience. Controls are easy to reach, and the streamlined body and aluminum accents exude an understated-yet-classy presence. The discrete OLED screen provides quick visual access to various parameters and can be viewed at any angle and in any kind of lighting. The stock fingering on Aerophone Pro is the same as an acoustic sax and includes a high-F# key. Multiple user-customizable fingerings are supported as well, and configurable controls for both hands and a MIDI input for footswitches greatly expand performance options. $1,499.99

DJ & Lighting

  • COLORado Batten Q15 from CHAUVET Professional

    The IP65 rated COLORado Batten Q15 from CHAUVET Professional features an array of rigging options that make it right at home in a wide range of designs. The adjustable trunnions on this one-meter long RGBW LED batten, which can be adjust without tools on its integrated track, have been given an even greater degree of versatility with the addition of ¼ turn omega brackets. Adding to the COLORado BattenQ15’s adaptability is a new system for joining different units together. Integrated into the end caps of the fixture is a system to connect units seamlessly for perfect row alignment. Since these attachments are weight bearing, the COLORado Batten Q15 can be hung “icicle style,” or arranged in tower configurations using the included hanging/floor mount plate. Capable of transitioning quickly from a smooth color wall wash to a stunning effect, the COLORado Batten Q15 features an elliptical 42 – 15-degree beam spread, a stowable glare shield, color temperature presets from 3,200 K to 10,000 K, and selectable smooth dimming curves.

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