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Band & Orchestra

  • The Sax Dakota Straight Tenor Saxophone

    MMR | Band & Orchestra | March 15, 2016

    Since the tube of this unique saxophone is straight, the structure of its sound is organized, not only by the shape of the tube, but also by you, the player.

  • Vandoren Clarinet Reed Mix Card

    MMR | Band & Orchestra | February 23, 2016

    Vandoren already offers clarinetists a variety of reeds to choose from beyond the Traditional reed – the V12, 56 rue Lepic, and the new V21.

  • Cannonball Limited Edition 20th Anniversary Saxophone Models

    MMR | Band & Orchestra | January 20, 2016

    Cannonball Musical Instruments is celebrating their 20th year with two limited-time anniversary models: The Big Bell Stone Series Anniversary Edition and the Vintage Reborn Series Anniversary Edition.

  • Jupiter JAS700 Student Alto and JTS700 Student Tenor Saxophones

    MMR | Band & Orchestra | January 20, 2016


    While retaining design elements intended to accommodate the playability and durability requirements of beginning band, these instruments feature the professional look of lacquered body and keys.

  • D’Addario Promark DC17 Light and DC27 Scooter

    MMR | Band & Orchestra | November 4, 2015

    Promark has announced two new stick models in their System Blue marching line, the DC17 Light and the DC27 Scooter (both are available now).

  • JodyJazz GIANT Tenor George Garzone Signature Models

    Paige Tutt | Band & Orchestra | January 20, 2015JodyJazz announced the addition of two new models to their recently launched GIANT Tenor range of mouthpieces. Working with tenor saxophonist George Garzone, the company has developed the GIANT Tenor 9* and 10* models, both of which will be launched as George Garzone “Signature” models. Launched with 6*, 7*, 8 and 8* tip openings, the […] Read More...
  • Vandoren V21 Clarinet Reed

    Paige Tutt | Band & Orchestra | January 20, 2015A thick blank American-cut reed, the V21 is available for B-flat clarinet only in sizes 2½, 3, 3½, 3½+, 4, 4½, and 5. Read More...
  • Phaeton Flugelhorn

    Paige Tutt | Band & Orchestra | January 20, 2015Phaeton Flugelhorns are now available in four finishes: Silver Plate, Rose Brass Lacquer, Matte Black Onyx, and Gloss Black Onyx. All models have the same mechanical specs and come standard in an oversized wood case covered in Classic Tweed fabric with solid brass hardware. All models are outfitted with18K Gold top/bottom caps and finger buttons. […] Read More...
  • Jupiter JEP1100 Compensating Euphonium

    Paige Tutt | Band & Orchestra | January 20, 2015The Jupiter JEP1120 euphonium features a 12.2” yellow brass bell and rose bass mouthpiece, as well as double lapped stainless steel piston valves. The model with the lacquer finish has an MSRP of $4,995 and the model with the silver-plated finish has an MSRP of $5,650. Read More...
  • XO Professional Brass 1632RGL-LT Lead Trombone

    Paige Tutt | Band & Orchestra | January 20, 2015This free blowing lead bore trombone is the result of years of development with the assistance of artist, composer, and arranger John Fedchock. The new XO 1632 features a handcrafted 7.5” custom-annealed bell — which is available in yellow or rose brass — with a soldered bell flare wire, a custom mouthpiece, a lightweight nickel […] Read More...
  • NOMAD NIS-C049 Flute Peg

    Paige Tutt | Band & Orchestra | January 20, 2015NOMAD Stands introduces a new collapsible flute peg. Just like the NOMAD collapsible trumpet and clarinet stands, the new NIS-C049 Flute peg uses NOMAD’s patented fully collapsible design. Just like all NOMAD stands, the NIS-C049 also has a Limited five-year warranty to the original purchaser. Read More...
  • iCA Soft Cover for Brass & Woodwind Instruments

    Paige Tutt | Band & Orchestra | January 20, 2015Soft covers are made from a quilted fabric much like a jacket and are portable. The cover has a ring sewn into the bottom allowing the cover to keep its shape (oval or cylindrical). The cover also has an exterior sleeve that houses a removable pole on the side of the cover to keep the […] Read More...
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