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Brian Ball Appointed CEO of Ernie Ball, Inc.

Christian Wissmuller • Upfront • November 12, 2019

Ernie Ball Inc. is proud to announce the promotion of Brian Ball as its new CEO. In his previous role as President, Brian was instrumental in leading a significant growth phase for the company. Brian will continue to work alongside his father, industry icon Sterling Ball, and brother Scott Ball as they continue to build upon the legacy that his legendary grandfather Ernie Ball created in 1962.

Ernie Ball’s three-generation family legacy is strong, and Brian’s rich background and history with the company will allow him to serve the business while creating and implementing a strategic vision for all facets of the business.

Sterling Ball stated, “I am extremely proud to announce Brian Ball as the new CEO of Ernie Ball. The continued growth and innovation that Ernie Ball and Ernie Ball Music Man have had over the last several years are directly a result of Brian’s creativity and hard work. The groundbreaking products like Cobalt Slinkys, M-Steel, Paradigm, and Aluminum Bronze, along with a full line of innovative accessories, are just part of the role Brian has played. Corporate transition in any business is critical and essential. I couldn’t be happier passing the baton to Brian. I look forward to watching Brian continue the legacy that his grandfather Ernie Ball started over 57 years ago. The future is bright for our family’s business and legacy.”

In his new position, Brian will be leading the company at a time of rapid growth, strengthening the company’s market position within the guitar industry. He has been with Ernie Ball Inc. since 2000 in various roles, including Artist Relations, Marketing, Sales, and leadership positions. Brian has a deep sense of history and respect for the family brand, giving him the tools to stay true to the company culture while also keeping things fresh and relevant. He has also been and will continue to be an integral, hands-on part of Ernie Ball’s objectives and goals.

As Brian notes, goals for the company moving forward under his leadership will include: building upon the tradition and legacy of the family business; assembling a core leadership team to help drive the brand and sales objectives forward; leading the development and innovation of new products; leveraging growth potential in both domestic and international markets; pursuing strategic brand and artist collaborations; and continuing to build a groundswell of energy within the Ernie Ball and Ernie Ball Music Man divisions.

Over his tenure with the company, highlights accomplished by Brian and the Ernie Ball team include:

  1. Overseeing a period of record growth for the company over the course of the past decade
  2. The implementation of industry-leading technology advances in all areas of business, including product development, artist collaborations, production, sales, marketing, and more
  3. Assembling industry-leading staff members who are leaders in their respective fields
  4. Strategic artist and brand collaborations with the likes of Slash, Metallica, James Valentine, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, and more
  5. Spearheading new capital and machine improvements to streamline production efficiencies
  6. The co-development of new string technologies with four officially granted patents: Paradigm Guitar Strings, Cobalt Instrument Strings, M-Steel Core Wire Technology, and Aluminum Bronze Acoustic Strings

Brian Ball stated, “I’m incredibly excited and extremely fortunate to take on the role as CEO of Ernie Ball. Since I was a young child, this has been the ultimate dream job for me, and I’m very grateful for the opportunity. Working for and alongside my dad Sterling has given me a tremendous foundation, and I’m looking forward to continuing to work with and build upon his and my grandfather Ernie’s legacy to the best of my abilities.”

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