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FWS Launches Online Portal for Master File Permits

Christian Wissmuller • Upfront • February 10, 2020

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS) has launched a new, online application portal making it possible to apply and pay for a limited number of FWS Master File permits.

The following permit application forms may now be accessed via the FWS website, at

• 3-200-29 – Establish a Master File of Wildlife Samples and/or Biomedical Samples under CITES
• 3-200-32 – Establish a Master File Export/ Re-Export of Plants and Plant Products under CITES
• 3-200-33 – Establish a Master File Export of Artificially Propagated Plants under CITES
• 3-200-34 – Establish a Master File of American Ginseng under CITES
• 3-200-74 – Partially Complete Certification under a Master File or an Annual Program File under CITES
• 3-200-75 – Registration of a Production Facility for Export of Certain Native Species under CITES

The application portal also includes special guidance on a number of materials and guidance on best practices for submitting applications online.

NAMM will continue to urge FWS to expand the system to encompass more forms, including those for single shipments of musical instruments containing CITES-listed species and will work with both FWS and CITES officials to expand e-permitting worldwide.

Further information can be obtained at the following:

For additional updates on CITIES and other regulatory issues, please visit

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