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NAMM Foundation’s October Webinar Series Announced

Christian Wissmuller • MMR GlobalUpfront • October 2, 2020

Please join for any or all of The NAMM Foundation’s October webinars that seek to connect, motivate and support all music teachers and learners and music makers every month as a lead up to NAMM’s Believe in Music, taking place the week of January 18, 2021.

All webinars will feature presentations by national leaders as well as participant breakouts, where we will address together the needs and opportunities of this time. Register for September webinars below and spread the word—we are in this together!

Video Message from NAMM Foundation Executive Director, Mary Luehrsen

October Webinars:

·         10/8: How to Talk to Your Administrators About Why Music Ed Still Matters

·         10/13: Music and Social Justice, A Case Study in Creating a Diversity & Inclusion Alliance

·         10/15: Nonprofit Management Institute Reunion Townhall

·         10/22: Students & Faculty Speak Out: Career Prospects and Concerns

·         10/29: Enhance Health and Wellness with Making Music Online

Link Here to Register

Recordings of NAMM’s September webinars are here.

About NAMM’s Believe in Music Week:

Believe in Music, the week of January 18, 2021, celebrates music makers from the world over, and offers educational events, special performances, and product demos. Sign up to receive information and to participate in monthly NAMM Foundation webinars that keep us all connected!

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