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Quinlan & Fabish Music Expands to Muncie, Indiana

Christian Wissmuller • Upfront • July 28, 2020

George Quinlan, Jr. and Dave Helms

After 80 years of serving East-Central Indiana, Muncie Music Center will unite with another venerable family-owned school music specialist, Quinlan and Fabish Music Company on August 1, 2020. Muncie will represent the ninth location for QF with five Indiana locations (Muncie, Ft. Wayne, Lafayette, Valparaiso & Mishawaka), a single location in SW Michigan, and the QF original three locations in Illinois. QF has been recognized nationally as a leading family-owned school music operation, serving thousands of Band & Orchestra directors on a weekly basis. The Muncie location will continue offering a full-line of combo gear in addition to a core focus on school music. 

To celebrate this new beginning, Indiana Band & Orchestra directors have been invited to join the celebration at Muncie Music Center on Friday, August 7, 2020 at 7:00pm. QF President, George Quinlan, Jr. announced the merger saying, “Last year, we celebrated our 60th anniversary , now we pay homage to those great companies who have become part of the QF family over the years including Paxton Music, Blessing Music, and now Muncie Music. Dave Helms has a remarkable team and we look forward to providing some additional strength and support to best serve Band & Orchestra directors in Indiana.” 


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