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ADJ Makes Big Impact With Second-Generation of Popular Jolt Series Multi-functional Strobe/Wash Fixtures

Christian Wissmuller • DJ & Lighting • June 6, 2024

Building on the success of the original Jolt Series fixtures, the new Jolt Bar FX2 and Jolt Panel FX2 offer intense output and huge versatility. Delivering the creative potential of dazzlingly bright white strobe/blinder LEDs combined with zone controllable RGB color mixing LEDs in the same flexible fixture, they provide lighting designers huge creative potential. These next generation units also offer a variety of upgrades to the original models which make them even more appealing for use both on the road and in house lighting rigs.

The Jolt Series has proven extremely popular for concert tours as well as house rigs in large clubs and performance venues. ADJ is now pleased to announce the launch of the next generation of these fixtures, which offer the same functionality and key features but with a series of significant improvements informed by feedback from lighting professionals who have toured with the fixtures. Delivering the same high impact effects as the original models, these new versions offer more robust external housings, reinforced hanging brackets, wider rigging flexibility, diffusion filter slots, and ADJ’s Aria X2 wireless system built-in.

Both fixtures feature a central strip of 5-Watt cool white SMD LEDs which are extremely bright and, when combined in multiples, generate truly intense strobe and blinder effects. The white LEDs are surrounded on both sides by arrays of 0.5-Watt RGB color mixing LEDs (increased from 0.3-Watt on the original models). A wide variety of vibrant color options can be achieved using the RGB LEDs through individual dimming control of the independent red, green, and blue elements. Used as single-color sources, the fixtures can generate potent washes that cover a large area. Alternatively, through use of the zone control function, each independent block of LEDs can be controlled separately to allow for the creation of dynamic chases and other animated pattern effects.

New for these second-generation models is a dedicated slot in the front of each fixture designed to accommodate a light modifier. Featuring a spring-loaded locking mechanism, this allows dedicated rigid filters to be quickly, easily, and securely positioned in front of the LEDs. Both models are supplied with an optional frost filter, which slides into the channel and blurs the LED output to generate a distinctly different effect with less pixelization, a softer look and a wider light spread. In addition, other filters are available as optional extras, including a black option and a curved 3D textured filter, further adding to the creative versatility these fixtures offer to lighting designers.

The new fixtures are also equipped with Aria X2 wireless transceivers built in. This not only provides extremely stable wireless DMX connectivity by creating a wireless mesh network between all compatible fixtures but also allows remote fixture management that provides full access to the system menu remotely via Bluetooth from a smartphone app.

A strip of 112 x white LEDs run down the center of the Jolt Bar FX2, surrounded on both sides by a total of 448 color LEDs. Both types of LED are grouped into independently controllable zones (16 white and 32 color), which means the unit can also be used to generate strobe chases and colored ‘eye candy’ animated pattern effects. Measuring 1m in length (39.4”), the fixture is compact in its other dimensions (4.07” / 103.5mm and 3.98” / 101mm). It features two variable angle brackets, which can be used to set the unit directly onto the floor of a stage or attach clamps to facilitate truss mounting either vertically or horizontally. This upgraded version is also supplied with Omega Receiver Brackets which can easily replace the angle brackets and allow a pair of Omega clamps to attach directly to the rear of the fixture. Each unit is also supplied with a metal bracket, screwed into the back panel for convenient storage, which can be used to link neighboring units so that perfect alignment can be achieved for chase effects running across two or more fixtures.

48 x white LEDs are incorporated into the Jolt Panel FX2, surrounded on both sides by a total of 800 x RGB LEDs, arranged in a panel configuration. Again, both types of LED are grouped into independently controllable zones (6 white and 40 color), allowing for the creation of eye-catching animated chase patterns. With dimensions of 5.28” (134.2mm) x 16.42” (417mm) x 10.26” (260.5mm) [L x W x H], the fixture is big enough to assert its presence within a lighting rig but compact enough to be easily setup and transported. It weighs in at 13.67 lbs. / 6.2kg and is supplied with a variable angle yoke, which locks into place securely using two large plastic handles. This yoke features Omega bracket ports and a reinforced design that represents a significant upgrade from the original model. Alternatively, the yoke can be removed, and the unit features additional ports on the back which allow direct connection of an Omega bracket.

Backlit LCD displays on the rear panel of each fixture, which are larger than those on the first-generation models, facilitate DMX addressing and mode selection. These provide access to a menu-driven interface navigated via four push buttons, which also allows configuration of the fixtures’ various operating parameters, including pixel flip and brightness limitation as well as selectable dimming modes, dimming curves and LED refresh rates.

IP65-rated locking power input and output sockets (upgraded from regular locking connectors) are provided on both models, with the output allowing the power supply for multiple fixtures to be daisy chained from a single outlet (up to 6 @ 120V / 12 @ 230V). The fixtures are also equipped with 5-pin input and output sockets for connection of a wired DMX control signal, with power and signal input sockets positioned at one side, and the corresponding output sockets at the other, to aide with neat cable runs.

“The Jolt Series is a real success story for ADJ,” enthuses ADJ USA’s Director of Sales, Alfred Gonzales, “which has been a hit with existing ADJ users and opened the door to many new customers. Thanks to their versatility and impressive brightness, the fixtures have proven popular both in the touring/rental and venue integration markets. However, we are always listening to our customers who have shared with us multiple ways these already great fixtures could be made even better. The Jolt Bar FX2 and Jolt Panel FX2 feature numerous significant improvements over the original models both in terms of features and build quality. The result is a pair of truly versatile LED strobe/wash panel and bar fixtures that are touring ready and provide lighting designers with huge creative freedom both in their deployment and in the variety of effects they can be used to produce. Ideal for floor packages, touring rigs and house installs, from theater up to arena scale, these second-generation fixtures truly raise the bar for ADJ’s flagship Jolt Series.”

The Jolt Panel FX2 and Jolt Bar FX2 are shipping now from ADJ USA. The Jolt Panel FX2 is due to be available from ADJ Europe in late June and the Jolt Bar FX2 is expected in August.

Find out more about Jolt Panel FX2 here: www.adj.com/jolt-panel-fx2
Find out more about Jolt Bar FX2 here: www.adj.com/jolt-bar-fx2

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