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Email introduced Reverb Sites, a service created to help sellers better promote their music gear business online. 

Reverb Sites are designed to enable sellers to create their own website synced to their shop and powered by the marketplace’s technology.

“As musicians who buy and sell gear ourselves, we understand that not everyone has the time, money, or expertise to create and manage their own music gear website. As a tech and e-commerce company, we also understand that a website is an invaluable tool when it comes to marketing your music gear business online,” said chief operating officer Dan Melnick. “Reverb Sites was created so any seller in our marketplace can showcase their gear through a quality website and effortlessly manage that website from the same dashboard they manage their shop through.”

With Reverb Sites, inventory from a seller’s existing shop is automatically synced and all orders are managed through one dashboard. When an item sells in either location, it’s marked as “sold”— no extra imports, double sales, or wasted time. To build and strengthen their brand, sellers can choose from several professionally designed, mobile-optimized website themes. Once a template is selected, the Reverb Sites platform auto-populates information from the user’s shop and allows the seller to further customize the site with logos, pages, photos, videos, and more.

“At the end of the day, our sellers want to spend their time selling gear and making money - not worrying about their website,” said David Kalt, founder and CEO at “With the introduction of Reverb Sites, we’re giving sellers all of the tools they need to showcase their products on a customized, fully-functioning website that they can manage by simply running their shop as usual. Plus, sellers will be able to rest easy knowing that their website is supported by the tech team.”

Integration between a seller’s Reverb Site and shop also means analytics - from sales to website traffic - can be monitored from one central location. In addition, Reverb Sites are designed using the latest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices, which means sellers’ websites and products will be easy for potential customers to find online.

Reverb Sites joins a host of other services and tools created by designed to make the marketplace the easiest place to sell music gear online. Among other tools and services, provides a price guide, which aggregates real-time transactional info to help users understand the value of the gear they’re buying and selling, and Reverb Bump, which allows sellers to promote their listings for a small fee. 

The Beta version of Reverb Sites is currently available and the service is scheduled to launch in spring 2017.


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