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DJ & Lighting

  • Chauvet DJ Motion Orb

    Christian Wissmuller | DJ & Lighting | December 10, 2014

    A versatile décor effect, the Motion Orb transforms parties, dances, and other events with its dazzling string of 55 individual RGB pixel-mappable, color-changing and strobing LED orbs.

    Available in standard 2-meter length strings, but expandable to 3 meters and 4 meters  with optional extensions, the Motion Orb can be hung like a curtain, draped across walls and over entrances like an LED banner or strung on ceilings to add an extra dimension to any room and create a more exciting and memorable look.

  • Chauvet DJ’s GigBAR IRC

    Christian Wissmuller | DJ & Lighting | December 1, 2014

    A traveling all-in-one lightshow package, the GigBAR IRC includes four different, very popular effects  that all mount together on one convenient bar: a pair of LED pars, a pair of LED derbies, a red-and-green laser, and four LED strobes.  Ideal for DJs, bands and mobile entertainers, this multi-fixture setup is very lightweight (14.4 pounds/6.6 kg) and even comes with its own carrying bags, tripod and wireless footswitch for easy transport and setup, so you can create an “instant lightshow” anywhere.

  • New CT Clamp from TRUSST

    Christian Wissmuller | DJ & Lighting | November 10, 2014

    The new TRUSST CT-Tent Clamp attaches firmly to the slots on clear span tent Keder beams, so items can be suspended from it securely without requiring extra trussing.

    “We introduced the CT clamp because big outdoor tents are being used at more weddings, festivals, concerts and other events,” said Kenny Miller, TRUSST product marketing manager. “Rigging large gear in these tents can often be a challenge. Our new CT product offers a safe and practical alternative to the multi-piece handmade clamps that people struggled with in the past when hanging items in a tent.”

  • Blizzard Lighting Skyline

    Mike Lawson | DJ & Lighting | November 6, 2014

    This 8-port, rack-mountable DMX splitter features built-in two-way 2.4GHz ISM wireless connectivity. Just like Blizzard’s Pipeline™ 8-way DMX distributor, the Skyline allows users distribute and boost incoming DMX signals into each of its 8 separate electronically isolated, 3-pin DMX outputs. The electronically isolated plugs decrease problems with ground loops and efficiently buffers, while magnifying the DMX signal.

  • CHAUVET DJ Introduces EZgobo

    Christian Wissmuller | DJ & Lighting | October 27, 2014

    Now DJs and mobile entertainers can add the visual excitement and impact of gobos to any event even when power outlets aren’t readily accessible, thanks to the new EZgobo projector from CHAUVET DJ. Battery powered and wireless, the new LED product brings an unprecedented level of mobility to gobo projection.

     “Gobos are an important part of a mobile entertainer’s show, adding an extra element of personality and fun to any performance,” said Allan Reiss, senior product Manager for CHAUVET DJ. “One of the really nice things about the EZgobo is that it gives you the flexibility to use gobos anywhere. It’s compact, so it’s great for tight spaces; it’s got a magnetic base so it can be attached to most metal surfaces, plus it has a scissor clip with an eye loop for easy attachment to ceilings --  and since it’s a wireless battery-powered product you don’t have to worry about the availability of nearby power outlets.”

  • Chauvet DJ Scorpion Script

    hoff | DJ & Lighting | September 29, 2014

    The Scorpion Script laser effect is a compact 532mn/50mW green laser that comes with its own detachable keyboard to display custom text. Use the keyboard to type out any customized text (name of a venue, DJ, performer) and the fixture stores it for recall later via keyboard or a wireless controller. The Scorpion Script’s keyboard can be used to create customized laser patterns and to apply eye-catching rotation effects to words and graphics. The laser also features built-in patterns.

  • Stanton SCS.4DJ USB Mixstation

    hoff | DJ & Lighting | September 2, 2014

    The SCS.4DJ USB Mixstation provides DJ and performer functionality and performance without the need for a laptop. The model now includes Version 5.0 software, which means a DJ can plug in a storage device and start mixing using the built-in decks, mixer, and high-resolution color display. V5's new features include enhanced analysis, time-rift mode, new effects, FLAC support, and a host of improvements, from an increased library size, which can now support up to 50,000 tracks loaded via an attached USB drive, and improved response times for large collections when navigating, browsing, searching and sorting.

  • Chauvet DJ’s New Freedom Series Battery-Powered Wash Lights

    Christian Wissmuller | DJ & Lighting | August 3, 2014

    For Chauvet DJ, “Freedom” means more than simply doing away with power cords and DMX cables. Now, users of the company’s popular battery-powered, Freedom Series wash fixtures can shed the constraints of DMX controllers, too. Three new models have been added to the Freedom Series – Freedom Par Tri-6, Freedom Par Quad-4 and Freedom Par Hex-4 – all of which can be wirelessly-DMX-controlled with a familiar device you carry around every day:  your smartphone or tablet.

  • Chauvet DJ FlareCON Air Interface

    hoff | DJ & Lighting | July 15, 2014

    CHAUVET DJ's new FlareCON Air hardware interface gives DJs, clubs, designers and other end-users an unprecedented level of freedom and mobility by making it easy for them to control any of the company’s battery-operated Freedom series fixtures directly from their smartphone or tablet. Teh FlareCON Air is compatible with both iOS® and Android™ operating systems. End-users simply have to download the FlareCON Air app to their phone or tablet. Then when they give a command on the mobile device, FlareCON Air will send the signal wirelessly to the fixtures – turning phones or tablets into wireless DMX lighting controllers.

  • Spitfire’s Martyn Ware – No Illegal Connections

    hoff | DJ & Lighting | July 15, 2014

    No Illegal Connections is the latest addition to Spitfire’s Signature Range of sample libraries (where well-known composers, producers, and sound-smiths curate sonic DNA for future music-makers) for Native Instruments' KONTAKT 4 or 5 (Mac OS X 10.7 or higher and Windows 7 or later). Ware – founding member The Human League and Heaven 17 – offers up an exclusive collection of favourite analogue synth and drum sounds from his collection. These include Korg's mid-Seventies-vintage Mini-KORG 700 'simple' analogue monosynth and the Roland System 100 semi-modular monophonic synth used on early Human League classics like “Being Boiled.”

  • Chauvet Hurricane Haze 3D

    hoff | DJ & Lighting | June 6, 2014

    The Hurricane Haze 3D is a water-based haze machine. The new haze machine delivers a higher output of subtle atmosphere with less heat up time. The unit's new and improved silent running fan makes it ideal for applications where sound is an issue. Other features offered by the Hurricane Haze 3D include an automatic shut off when the tank is empty.

  • Chauvet Rogue Fixtures

    hoff | DJ & Lighting | May 9, 2014

    The Rogue delivers features like LED gobo morphing, variable speed scrolling and multi prism rotation in an affordable price range. The Rogue R1 Spot, powered by a 140W LED that produces a very even flat field and has a 16° beam angle, making it ideal for gobo projection. The Rogue R1 Beam is a beam effect that uses an Osram Sirius 132W HRI lamp to produce 78,700 lux at 15 meters. Rogue R2 Spot is an 240W LED automated spot featuring two continuously and variably scrolling color wheels.

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